Writing Copy That Sells

A huge topic most people have interest is writing copy that sells, and this can be a sales copy, ad copy, email copy, or just a blog post copy for your website. But today you’ll discover the best practices and an actionable step by step on how you can do that starting right now.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Writing Copy That Sells – The Actionable Steps

First, no one starting writing a good sales copy, if you see the best copywriters in the world, like Gary Halbert, Kevin Rogers, and much more, they start where you are…they not born that way, and they don’t have a special skill you don’t have.

Is all about more writing, more good copywriter you will become, my first tip for you before we start the step by step itself is: write every single day. Can be a blog post, can be a sales copy, can be copy a sales copy from Gary Halbert Letter. Whatever, just start writing every single day.

Now you think “Okay Luan, I need a good copy who converts and I need do all that today, where are the shortcuts?”. Stay here, I go show you everything, let’s go!


The Code Phoenix Formula

Ok, I learned this on Secret Society Mastermind by Timothy Marc…and this formula I use every single day on my business, for do reviews, for write a sales copy, ad copy, email copy, whatever.

So, here’s the actionable steps for that.

This follows the same principle of AIDA Formula, what I means by AIDA is attention, interest, desire and action.

Let’s put this formula in practice right now.

1 – Attention

Okay, first thing you need, is get people attention, this is your HEADLINE. So if I put one shocking headline like: The Gurus are Liying on your face.

I get your attention, not good example, but you get the deal. For internet marketing product for example,

A Free Video Shows You How To Make 6 Figure/Month On Complete AutoPilot

This is your first step get the people attention.

Make something intrigue, curious, what they want read more…You’re wasting your money if don’t see this tips….is another example.

2 – Problem Definition

You need define a problem of your audience, so if I’m doing a SEO product right now and go write a sales copy for that, I need define the problem. Like….

“Okay, you know, the  biggest problem with SEO is the old way to do don’t work more, spam backlinks, massive keywords, this hurt your rankings and make your site appears a complete confusion into Google’s eyes”.

Good, you get the deal? Makes sense? I hope.

3 – Amazing Solution

Okay, now, after you define the problem, you need presenting your AMAZING SOLUTION…like a magic pill. Is like this:

“If I told you, have one thing on the world Google really cares and go skyrocket your rankings in just minutes…good, no? Presenting you…THE AMAZING SEO PRODUCT” And I go say all the features, what do, and everything.

4 – Proof & Credibility

People are worried if you are a lier or not. So show you the proof and credibility, you can do that through testimonials, videos, pictures of actually results of your product give for the customers, and please never lie, or do a fake review, if you do that, is better don’t have a pictures or testimonials.

5 – Call To Action

The easiest part is the call to action, here you say to they buy, signup for your list, click on your ad, whatever is your goal.

Click Here To Buy Now

Click Here To Signup

Click Here To Your Gift

That’s it!

Final Things You Need To Know About Write a Copy

Now, all you need to do is put that in action…..so, write every single day, follow the step by step I giving you here. And is that easy. Just follow this every time you do a copy, and you will become better. Don’t worries about that.

If I let any piece out…or you don’t understand what I mean on particular topic…just let me know commenting below and I will answer you right way.

Thanks for everything and I see you later.

Luan Henrique.

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