Writing AD Copy That Convert

Luan Henrique here, with the crazy hair and “hated” brazilian accent to shows you how to write AD Copy that convert. If you are doing PPC, or FaceBook ads, you want to know how convert more, and make a effective ROI in ADS.

Because if you don’t getting return of investment, you’re wasting your money.

First, you don’t go rock from the first day, do one ADS and convert a tons of visitors into buyers.

It’s all about the tests, you do one AD, do another, and see what are converting for you…remember this forever: It’s all about the tests.

Now, how to write a effective AD Copy.

ad copy








First thing, start always with little budget to run tests, and then improve the budget with the results you are getting.

#1 Write a Good Copy

This is the first thing, you must have a good ad copy. This means good headline and effective description. How to do that?

Use words like “You” “Must” “This”. This always convert more visitors.

Like, You Must See This New Software

or Must Have This

or Click Here For See This Plugin

Something like that, must be your headline.

Now for the description, make short and effective, and make sure get the expectations of people who click through your link. Like, if you do a review of something, put this on your description.

The must see review about this new software launched, click here.

Or if you go selling something,

Click Here For 89% Off on this.

Get the expectations of the people who  clicks on your links…if you redirect for a landing page to build a list, they need to know is that they go have if click on your links, make sense right?

#2 Appealing Image 

You must have a good, awesome image, people see the image first, then see your description and headline, so, make a appealing image. Like with crazy colors “Red” “Yellow” “Green”. This colors is appealing for the people.

And image need fit the expecations, and appears awesome. A good sample,

ad copy

Now, how to put this actually in action.

1 – Start with a low budget to run tests.

2 – Make sure have a good headline and description in place.

3 – Have appealing image.

That’s it, follow this, make the tests with different ads. See what’s converting more, and improve the budget for that ads that converts more.

Enjoy mates!

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