Tube Charge Review & Bonuses

Welcome to this Tube Charge review from Luan (me :D) – here we gonna discuss the pro’s, con’s and what is missing for this new software that released on the market

=> Tube Charge Sales Page

tube charge review

Tube Charge is a powerful cloud app that allows anyone to get page #1 rankings on Google & Youtube and it claims to be in less than 48 hours! 

Of course this is not a realistic meta when it comes to rank on Google & Youtube as rankings can take a little longer than that….

Well, Tube Charge promises you two things

  1. Massive Video Creation
  2. Mass upload & optimization of videos

Which will get you the end result of page #1 rankings, if we check sales page we can see some proof about it all and how the software works, if you want to check, you can go here to the sales page

They have some proof of page #1 rankings and I know more than anything that videos is easier to rank than sites – so one point for Tube Charge Agency

Second, having multiple videos on Youtube can helps you with traffic – another good point for Tube Charge

So, if you’re looking to get more traffic & rankings with videos, you should post more and Tube Charge will make sure your videos get seo optimized and uploaded to Youtube

Now, something that is missing is backlinks for your videos, maybe it will be great to create some backlinks to your video after you upload it to Youtube (more on that on bonus part)

It’s not realistic to say you will be ranking for all the keywords you choose, some are easier and others are hard such as weight loss, so know that it will be easier to rank for long tail keywords, keep that in mind

Now with uploading multiple videos in your channel, you make sure you have multiple rankings, ending up on getting massive traffic

So is this a good software? Yes, still a good solution for those who looks for traffic 

=> You can get Tube Charge through my link here (I get a commission when you buy)


  • Allows you to get more traffic by uploading multiple videos
  • It will rank for multiple keywords 
  • Helps you to grow your Youtube Channel, as you know, with more videos, the better


  • No way to create backlinks for those videos, which will help in rankings 
  • It will not rank for high competitive keyword such as weight loss (as is not that easy)

Tube Charge Bonus

As I said Tube Charge is great but a few things are missing and one of those is backlinks to your videos, for that reason I’m adding a bonus that will solve this problem for you

If you get Tube Charge through my link, I’m gonna send you 100 backlinks to one of your videos (You just send me your video URL and I’ll get the backlinks created)

You have rights to one backlink campaign from me

How to claim this bonus

  1. Buy Tube Charge through my link
  2. Send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll reply you with all the bonus details!

Thanks for reading my review,



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Atomic DFY Details

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