What is SEO Copywriting?

There are many questions asked by freelancers on what exactly seo means? exactly who are SEO copywriters? exactly what qualifies as SEO writing? etc. This guide explains – in detail – what this is. And, the way to earn money from it as an independent writer.

What is SEO?

SEO is a shorten form for “search engine optimization.” Search engine optimization is all about doing some homework on your website to engage more visitors to visit and stay for a while. This is how sales are made when you have good traffic visiting your site

What is SEO As It Relates to Freelance Writers?

The most important thing for a freelancer writer is keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are the words and phrases that web surfers type in if they search string to find thing online.

For example, let’s say you have a woodworking business. You might not know a thing about it besides that they are hot in the news and you’re interested in starting this type of business.

So, you log on your favorite search engine, (eg, Google, Yahoo! MSN, etc.) and type in the keywords “wosdworking business plan” or “woodworking training” or “online woodworking lessons” or some other relevant keyword phrase.

Notice: Once you type words into a search engine to locate something on the internet, the words that you type in are known as a key word (keyword) or a keyword phrase (a couple of words with commas in between).

How Businesses Get into the Top of Search Engine Results

When you typed in this keyword and press the enter key, Google or your preferred search engines pop up some sites (ie, click the results) the sites that pop up are sites that the search engines believe are the best sort of informational site you are looking for. Companies pay a good deal of money to become one of the first two or three pages at the results that search engines return.

Why SEO writers are So In Need and the Way They Earn Their Money

One of the ways to get your site pop up among the first 2 or 3 pages is to include relevant text that includes your keyword phrase. Knowing this rules and some others makes an seo writer to demand for a great deal of money. You help them to add relevant text on their content so their pages can get shown on the search engine result page

There are lots of freelance writers – hundreds of thousands, if not a couple thousand. But just a very small minority understand what SEO is and the way to write this type of copy. And, this is the reason they’re so in demand.

SEO copywriters possess an incredible skill. And, as an increasing number of companies move bigger portions of the advertising budgets to internet marketing, there is an even larger need for their skills.

And this is the reason SEO copywriters could charge a premium for their services. If you’re looking for a way to start or optimize your earnings as an internet freelance writer, subsequently SEO copywriting is that they way to go.

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