Super Affiliate System Review By John Crestani

Super Affiliate System Review By John Crestani

Hey mate! Thanks for stopping to see my Super Affiliate System Review By John Crestani. I’m very amazed when i know this guy have a lamborghini, my gosh this is awesome haha.

But, i am trying to make you informed decisions about this product instead you just give your hard earned money for persons who don’t work and simply scam you!

So pay attention, and go to the review!

Product Name: Super Affiliate System

Product Creator: Mr. John Crestani (Famous)

Price: $4,997 and some more money to invest in the traffic source (paid fb ads, something like $1000 up to $3000) Worth It.

WebSite: (See How Signup On Article Below)

The Veredict: Very recommended for a people who wants to go big in internet marketing, don’t a little low paid commissions around $10K/month, but something more, like $100k/month or more!

I already know John Crestani by Rich Jerk, so i know this guy killer in the Facebook ads.

super affiliate system review

But if you want to know the secrets about John, the really how he’s doing step by step over the shoulder, you want to give a chance to that.

The price is high? Depends on point of view, if you go make $100K/month or more, how this can be high priced? It’s not if you think better.

But, i go shut up. And go see what this is about.

If you don’t know who the fuck is John Crestani, you need to check this Instagram Page, and you go know why i’m so fan of this guy, this can buy a lambo in a month.

And he put all efforts to give you the same results.

What Is a Super Affiliate System? (I get it, so i can show you inside of the members area!)

Super Affiliate System is a product created by Mr. John Crestani showing you step by step how to use FaceBook Paid Ads without spend thousands of dollars worthless.

But a real deal on how to target big, and make a BIG commissions who is awesome.

If you don’t know Google and FaceBook are the most used things on the internet these days, and this is why you should care about it.

The full training have twelve weeks, and the videos go be launched week after week, so you don’t need to rush things, you can apply everything as John Crestani teachs you.

So the first week, you have a mission and do, the next week other thing, all to set up literally with you, John in your side setup with you, your FaceBook Marketing.

He really takes care of everything, since by choosing the right products to how profit from them.

The program takes students through 12 weeks, and over 50 hours worth, of videos explaining the affiliate marketing process, from start to finish.

The first few weeks of the course involve basics, such as giving students a complete understanding of the business model, the mentality required, how to setup tracking software and domains, and how to create landing pages for the offers they want to promote.

The next few weeks of the course go over how to use the major traffic sources, adwords, facebook, and native advertising.

As affiliates ourselves, we have had, and show, profitable affiliate campaigns we’ve launched on all these traffic source.

The last few weeks of the course go over optimization, scaling affiliate campaigns to then tens of thousands per day, and ways to outsource/hire labor.

Super Affiliate System Core Features Explained

The core four features are:

  1. Training
  2. DFY Campaigns
  3. Mastermind
  4. Community

Super Affiliate System – Training Module

Words of John Crestani

The entire training course is 12weeks long, with over 50 hours worth of content, daily homework assignments, and weekly quizzes.

We have worked extremely hard to make the course a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, but also to hold the students accountable for their learning, since we found that every single student that does not find success with SAS, has not actually gone through all the course material.

My dedication, as a teacher, is not just presenting expert material, but is also in ensuring that all my students learn, grow, and ultimately succeed in reaching their goals.

My Words

Yes, this is really the truth, he makes everything possible to give you the best value content he can. And for you can replicate the results who of course is inevitable with John at your side.

He get’s you over the shoulder, and share his deepest secrets on how to make this profitable, and do not hidde anything how other products do.

He shares for you the deep content, the real content, or what i like talk the content who really works and get people the results.

  • Module 1: Basics Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 2: ClickTracking Setup And Choosing Your Niche
  • Module 3: Required Tools and Software
  • Module 4: Creating and Finding Landing Pages
  • Module 5: Facebook Ads Without Hidden Anything
  • Module 6: Google Adwords
  • Module 7: Advanced FaceBook Ad Techniques and Live Campaigns
  • Module 8: OverComing Failure
  • Module 9: Advanced Copywriting Techniques
  • Module 10: Native Advertising and Optimization
  • Module 11: Building a Team and Scaling Campaigns
  • Module 12: Super Affiliate System Interviews

Inside of Super Affiliate System members area it’s like this:

super affiliate system

You see, this is an actionable content, with daily tasks for you, don’t proscratinate, and do everything right!

Super Affiliate System – Ready Made Ad Campaigns

The {Ready2Launch} campaigns are templates for students that include everything you need to setup an ad campaign, from the audience targeting (for facebook), to the affiliate ads that are running profitably, to landing pages that are running profitably, to the top offers.

Inside of members are it’s like this:

super affiliate system review 2

You see? You really have everything, who targets, how targets, age, EVERYTHING!

Super Affiliate System – Mastermind

The purpose of the mastermind is to help connect like­minded affiliates in all phases of their journey, so they can chat with each other on specific traffic sources, and share ads, landers, and other affiliate marketing related materials that they come across.

Slack is an amazing platform for masterminds, and also allows the uploading and sharing of files in a very easy to use, searchable way, and gives people the ability to interact with each other in real time, that allows a true sense of community to form.

Slack also allows members to direct­message each other, to form partnerships, and other opportunities that make people really happy, especially in a highticket educational product such as this.

Inside of members area it’s like this:

super affiliate system review 3

Super Affiliate System – Community Forum

The community isnt merely a forum. Its a place where students can receive advice from experts, in an organized, easy to follow fashion.

John, and his team, are very active in replying to messages in the forum, so that people get the support they need.

The forum is very neatly integrated with the course, and we encourage members to post messages, and their campaigns in the forum, as well as reply to others where value can be added.

Inside of the forum it’s this:

super affiliate system review 4

My Conclusion About Super Affiliate System

The SuperAffiliateSystem has been a year in the making, extensively revamped based on feedback from the beta­customers.

John Crestani and his team put the ass off to give you the best value you can have with FaceBook ADS and how make a super money with this, again, i’m not talking about a shit result like $10k/month.

This is a highly profitable method and promoting health marketing as well who is the best niche you can profit from these days.

Whatever, you can try other products out there, i know the most are scam and you will be back to see this page, to make a right decision, or if you it’s a action taker, i ask you to take action and try practicing this now. Remember, this is very limited.

John Crestani give you the real value here. He’s been a very attentive guy, he appears a jobless but, he gives you the best he can do, i go give you some of our conversations on Skype, who shows he really cares about your customers.

super affiliate system review by john crestani

He is very patient, and go be glad to help you too, how he’s helping me! He takes care of every customer, something i absolutely love about him!

So, this is 100% recommended for you. (Oh, the skype photo, it’s the real John Crestani Skype, if you have him, you already know).

Get this now! And i have the certainty you don’t go take a step back, but a step further to change your future and who knows buy your Lambo in the next 12 weeks.

Thanks for assisting in my review!

My Super Affiliate System Bonus Package Just For You!

Of course, my review can’t finish without a bonus to accompany it. If you don’t know a bonus it’s a incentive to you buy from our links. We spend time to make the reviews and worth bonus packages, and we really want you to buy from our links. But we can’t take you by the neck and make you do that. So we offer a bonus package as an incentive to you.

Super Affiliate System Bonus 1 (Value $1497/Hour): A personal skype coach with me, yes, i am a long time on internet marketing thing, so if you have a review site, product launch coming, whatever.

We can talk 1 by one on skype to i give you the tools and best tipes to you make this more profitable. Whatever you want to talk about Internet Marketing thing i can help you (trust me).

Super Affiliate System Bonus 2 (Value $500): 2,000+ High Profitable Swipe Files, if you are on email marketing thing, you know how important is a open rate, and persons click in your link. So i go give you a proven and tested again, again and again to works, email swipe files. This make open rates increase 100% and sales explode to sky.

Plus 3 Never Seen Bonuses!

Plus Bonus #1: Secret Cheap BackLinks Site Who Ranks You First And Make You Get The Money Even If You a Complete Newbie (Value $1497)

Yes, i never share this with anyone, but now it’s important, this is a new backlinks really cheap who make my sites rank first and making a ton of money online, a example is that.

member factory review

PLUS BONUS #2: Affiliate Advantage Plugin Updated To Latest Version Of WordPress (Value $49)

member factory review

This plugin is about Cookie-Stuffing, you don’t want to lose any commission when a visitor comes to your website right?

If person leave your website without click your link now you can get the comission anyway. See how works on the video below:

Plus Bonus #3: SEO Stone WP Plugin Updated To Latest Version Of WordPress (Value $49)

Track your rankings directly on WordPress Site, see how works on video below:

How To Get My Bonuses and Signup To Super Affiliate System?

It’s very easy, first, PAY ATTENTION!

Click On This Link

You go to be redirected to this page:

super affiliate system review

Fill up all the details!

You go redirect for a Webinar where John Explain the modules and everything! You can pass this phase directly if you want! And Click Take The Next Step

super affiliate sytem by john crestani 2

Then you go be redirected to another page where you can just need follow all the instructions there!

If you have doubts how to sign up to Super Affiliate System please comment below or just shoot me an email at: [email protected]

After buying the John Crestani Course you do receive your bonuses on your email address, if this don’t occur please shoot me an email at: [email protected]

Thanks mate! Any doubt comment below or use the contact us tab.

I see you there!

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