On Page SEO Checklist 2016

On Page SEO Checklist 2016

Hello mate, it’s Luan here 🙂 And welcome to my blog and post about On Page SEO Checklist 2016.

How you already knows, On Page SEO still so much relevance in 2016, and with algorithms changes all the time you need know the right thing to do when comes to that.

on page seo checklist

So, today i’m a little busy, so i go make this post real fast, but don’t worry, this is a high quality post, if you follow, i have the certainty you go succeed.

This checklist is what i personally use (my little secrets to rank my sites first, without even a backlinks). I’m exposing this to you because i want to give you a valuable thing and not some trick you can’t use.

So my top On Page SEO CheckList who i have used in every time i do a post.

  • Include your keyword in your url, yes, every time i do a post i make the permalink equal my main keyword. (It’s like this: http://yourwebsite.com/main-keyword) If you use wordpress sites, you just need change permalinks on settings.
  • Include your main keyword in the title of the post (If you go do a post about rank youtube videos, make sure this keyword appears on your title, super important).
  • Meta Description optimized, every time i put my meta description optimized with my main keyword in the middle, final or start of the description (If my keyword is fast guide to rank youtube videos i want to put on my description: See here my fast guide to rank youtube videos) – Hope you get it.
  • Put h1, h2, h3 tags on your posts. When you do a post, make sure use the “h” tags, on your keywords and to break down the content.
  • Put links to your sites and other sites relationed. If you do content about SEO, put a link to an article on another site talking about that.
  • Add an image, and add an ALT TAG with your main keyword.
  • Write, and put valuable content out there (The best way to get better rankings).

I hope you like this seven main tips to get your site ranked first with only on page SEO (Sometimes you don’t go need even backlinks), use that, apply to your site and let me know your results.

This is the basic, if you want something more deeper like schema markup, exif, and other things like that, who really helps and changing rankings fast. I recommend checking out this SEO Plugin Here.

Any doubt comment below and i will be glad to help you. I’m very active on the blog, and answer as soon i can.

To your success,



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