OctoSuite Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

Today I’m Doing an OctoSuite Review & Will Show Everything About It!

Hello to the OctoSuite review folks! Luan Henrique here, for that who don’t know me I’m the guy with the crazy hair on the picture of a side.

The first thing I do is log in to my review access of OctoSuite as I’m doing this today for you. They call that a first all in one tool to social media management, and is exactly what this does.

This allows you to search for content, post content and do all automatically.

But I think is made for FaceBook mainly.

As you can integrate only Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest, this means, you can’t connect your Youtube Channel, Reddit account and other “social medias out there”.

octosuite review

The first feature I see and play with is Discover content, where allows searching content for FaceBook, Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter.

octosuite review

This feature is cool, and allow you to search the most “viral” content out there, is exactly what this shit does. You can search for content on FaceBook, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter. But remember, I can only integrate my Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest with it.

So I can search this images and post, or schedule a post in FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, no more…what can be a limit for you….Have different versions of it, for example, if I go search content on FaceBook, I can choose by most liked, most recent, or most viral and select if I want video, photos or links.

Also, I need put the FB Page URL that I want to search this viral content.

Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit Search works a little bit different, for Youtube I need put the country to see the Hot Trends, Twitter I can see only the most viral hashtags, and for Reddit the most “upvotes” content out there. A little limitation right here as this is not a full content.

octosuite review

Another thing that has in place is the search for images, for me useless, I prefer much more Google Images or another thing, but you have this option of put a keyword and just search for images on anything you put the keyword there, OctoSuite will answer back with the related images.

octosuite review

The mainly thing OctoSuite does and solve a lot of problems of our marketers is the post content and schedule content on your social medias (Pinterest, FaceBook, Linkedin and Twitter). We have an option of upload a post, post this now, or I can schedule for other dates.

This means I can schedule content for a month for example, and forget about it, they will post everything I schedule as can be daily, and I no need to lift a finger, the tool does all automatically, what can be a hand for people that travel a lot, or don’t like put much effort on your medias.

Is literally on complete autopilot here.

octosuite review

This shit you will love, a Mass Joiner extension, that I can search for the groups I want on my FaceBook and just click Mass Join them, They go select all and mass join automatically, then is just waiting for the approval of admins and start post content inside of this groups…this can make traffic comes almost instantly.

octosuite review

The thing of I can only integrate my Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter make me a little bad because have a ton of other social medias out there, like Instagram, Reddit and Even Youtube can be considered one….So I guess they put that mainly for FaceBook as I say at the beginning of this article.

Search for content is cool, but if everyone that buy does the same thing, and post the same content, I can guess this go hurt the viral effect of the post. FaceBook is bigger, can not happen, but I’m guessing can be too, is incognito.

Some features can be useless and limiteds, like Reddit Search, Youtube Search & Search for images, I don’t imagine using that, if I don’t use Reddit, but why they do that is because you can post this content directly in your FaceBook, Linkedin, and Pinterest, so if you use these medias and go post content, can be useful.

Despite this facts, I like the web app itself, works quick and soft without lag as I see in other web apps like eComily. This is the first tool that I see do all that at very cheaper price. A web service to do that can charge you thousands per month if not more to little features that don’t cover everything that OctoSuite covers.

If you use social media a lot, this can be a hand of god for your business, I can’t see you’re using social media manually every single day to search new content for a post, and posting every single day if you are a little bit lazy this can be a hard work. That’s it!

octosuite review





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octosuite review

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octosuite review

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