Luan Blog Is Back – Here’s the news guys!

Well, long time, no?

Luan here and I have some great news for you that love PigReviews Blog – we did a complete rebrand in the website and now the blog looks clean and fresh.

I have been doing so many work that I didn’t have the time to take care of the blog enough, the way I like to do it, I focus a lot in my YouTube channel too, growing my channel for you!

I post videos every monday to friday and you can check my Youtube Channel here.

You can see we have a new face on the blog – and now it’s called Marketing With Luan.

Okay but why you didn’t change the domain name?

Well, I have multiple pages and posts ranked on the first page of Google as this blog started my carreer! I don’t want to destroy everything for something that changed my LIFE!

The domain will still the same, the name – Marketing with Luan fully endorsed by the Luan Henrique Inc.

Here’s some news:

• I’ll work my ass off to post content monday to friday into the blog, so you can come back here and check new tutorials, news, hacks, and more for your marketing.

• Maybe you’re good writer, if you want to send me great quality content or be a writer here in the blog, you can contact me, we’re needing that!

• Updates, new hacks, products, resources and shortcuts, everything that YOU LOVE!

Now, I’ll end up this blog post with a video that I posted this week on my channel – and make sure you back here to more content in daily basis – I’m working my ass off with the blog, wanting to make everything crystal clear for you!

Also, don’t forget to check out my product that released this week.


Have a great day,

Luan Henrique

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