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Welcome to my Live Leap review!

Product: Live Leap

Creators: Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

Price: $97 (One Time Fee) $57 (Early Bird – If you get this fast, you can grab with a good discount)

Verdict: 100% Recommended


What’s up everyone? Luan Henrique here, the brazilian guy with the weird accent and crazy hair. I’m here today to show you a quick review and bonuses for Live Leap. This is a new brand software that will be live at June 8 at 9 AM eastern time. And I’m here to show you everything, why? Because I get access to that.

The first question maybe you’re asking inside of your head right now is:

What’s Live Leap is about? (I got it, so I can show you)

live leap review

Ok, here, on image above, you are seeing what Live Leap members area looks like, but before I show you everything you go get inside of members area, you need to know what Live Leap is about, right? 😀

Let’s do this.

Live Leap Official Site Here

(Watch My Live Leap Review video or scroll down for more)

P.S: The video have an brazilian accent, if you have problems for understand that, please read the text instead to see the video.

You already know all people are going crazy about the new FaceBook feature, the FaceBook LIVE. FaceBook LIVE actually allows you to record Live Streams inside of FaceBook, is something like Google Hangouts, but for FaceBook.

Now what Live Leap actually does, is solve a problem of this new feature, this feature coming with some limitation.

The biggest problem with that, is the place you go live, is the only place you go live, for example, if I go live on my FaceBook profile, this is the only place the audience can see my video, if I go live on my FaceBook fanpage, this is the only place the people can see my live stream.

But say I want to go live at multiple places at once, for example, my FaceBook profile, FaceBook groups and FaceBook FanPages. How I do that? That’s exactly what Live Leap does.

Live Leap allows you to go live at multiple places at once. So you can go live at all this places and audience will be broader. Because you’re targeting more people with Live Leap.

Say you are doing webinars with the new feature of Live Stream, and want to get all your friends, fans, want to target every part of your brand, for give a chance of everyone see your Live Stream, maybe you have an email list and want to notify they about it. Exactly! Live Leap do all that for you.

It’s a solution for a problem. Actually what I like about that, is: You no need be a master and shark on Live Streams to use Live Leap, what I see inside, and when I try to test this out, is that easy. Connect your accounts, and go live at multiple places.

And if I can do, you can do it.

Now, I’m in making money online niche, you already know that. So, I’m thinking “how this go help me achieve the desired goal to make more money?” Course, webinars, live streams, is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. You can open your right now, and search for “Webinars that sell”.

You go see that’s crazy. And sell’s alot. Why? Because with “Webinars or Live Streams” you can engage more the people, you can actually create a relationship with those. And they will thank you later.

Behalf of my business right now, I do a little test a few months ago. I started doing video reviews to my brand. You can enter on Youtube right now and see when I had started to do videos, not long time ago, and I continue doing video reviews. Now ask me why…Because they sell more, my profits don’t had a massive improvement, but I can say, I’m making more sales.

Now, with all that in place.

Let’s to the important part, the software itself. First thing you need to know, this is a cloud based software, this means, you haven’t to install anything on you computer, you can use the software with Mozzila, Chrome, Internet Explorer, whatever, on the internet itself.

Go take a look at the members area, I logged in my account right now and you can see what members area looks like:


Sure, I have the complete software, you can see the link cloaker there, I can connect my FaceBook account, twitter account, linkedin, send emails, sms to people, so I can do really everything. This is the complete software with the upsells.

You can see, you go have a tutorial on how to use, a full training to syndicate your live streams at all the places at once.

So if you purchase the front end, here’s what looks like:

You go receive the Live Leap Tool where you can syndicate across your FaceBook fan pages, FaceBook groups and profiles, also you go get access to their FaceBook group where you can ask questions, and solve your doubts right way.

Now, the first upsell.

OTO 1: External Social Syndication + Email & SMS + Link Cloaker & Comments Manager (Price: $197)

Okay, if you purchase this first one time offer here, Live Leap will allows you to syndicate your Live Streams not only in your facebook fanpages, profiles and groups, but on Twitter, Linkedin, Email and Even SMS if you have SMS list.

Not only that, you go receive the Link Cloaker & Comments Manager.

As you know FaceBook hate affiliate link on your posts, so this link cloaker, solves all that, this means you can monetize your FaceBook Live Streams right way with affiliate links cloaked.

From the otherside, Comments manager allows you to see all your live feed comments on 1 dashboard. This means you don’t need jump page through other page to see the comments, you go see all in one dashboard only. (Cool).

OTO 2: Social Engagement Management + TRAINING (Price: $297) ***I LOVED THAT***

Okay Okay, before I show you this second one time offer, I need to say: I loved that. Because I have this little “hated” brazilian accent and my english is not very cool at all (being realistic here). And I don’t know how to introduce myself sometimes on front of the camera.

Go be real, it’s scary to do live streams. But now, no more problems. Here’s exactly what solves all that.

They go give you all the training you need, to behave cool in front of the cameras, also, how to engage the people that watchs your live streams. And how monetize them after.

They call that: “The necessary training to make a FB live stream income”.

Also they go give you some extra softwares: Social Autobots, FB Invite All Page Tool and Social Engagement Training Course.

My Live Leap Review (Final Verdict and Look At It):

Ok, now, Live Leap appears work very well, first, don’t have problems with that now…the software work quick and soft, this means without crash or bugs at all.

Also with the training and everything they put in place. No way you can’t make money with this….if you’re doing live streams right now on FaceBook or just want to start engage some people and sell through videos, this is must have.

Luke Maguire (Live Leap creator) is recognized on the market for put the best products in place, products who change way the people sell. And every time his put something out, is something you need at least check!

My final verdict is 100% recommended. I recommend you purchase that, also I already have my own account.

Also I’m giving away bonuses for that who purchase through my referall link. (You can see that bonuses below)

Get Access To Live Leap Now

My Live Leap Bonus Pack:

Ok! Here’s what to do to get Live Leap with my bonuses below, just, purchase through my referall link and send your receipt to [email protected] or on contact form here.

Special Bonuses For Live Leap Buyers:

This is the bonuses you will receive if purchase the front end (Live Leap Tool) through my referall link.

Bonus #1: FaceBook Live Authority

How to Use Facebook Live to Engage With Your Audience, Build Your Brand and Sell More of Your Products!
Live streaming is poised to become very much the next ‘big thing’. This is an entirely new way to create content that allows us to communicate directly with an audience in a highly engaging manner.

Bonus #2: FaceBook Friends Inviter WP Plugin

Add an Invite Facebook Friends button to any WordPress website with the Facebook Friends Inviter Plugin.
This WordPress plugin adds customizable text links and customizable graphic buttons that are visible to anyone who visits your WordPress site.

Bonus #3: FaceBook Riches


Using Facebook to Turn Your Market into a Money Machine!
Using Facebook to get a business recognized online is very effective and easy to do. Facebook users range in the millions at any given time thus making the platform for target audience almost infinite.

Bonus #4: Giant Marketing Kit V2


You see, you have exactly 5 seconds to grab the reader’s attention before they move on to the next thing they want to look at.
And today, a brand new version 2 of this amazing tools that could help you Bosst your conversion rate with less effort.

Bonus #5: FB Cash Formula


FB Cash Formula is a comprehensive and intuitive ecourse where you will learn the secrets behind creating a long-lasting, profitable online business using the power of Facebook.

Bonus #6: Graphics Treasure Chest V2


Must-Have Toolkit For Serious Marketers! Are you struggling to get your sales & conversions up? Never Wait For Your Graphic’s Guy Ever Again With 857+ Conversion-Boosting Graphic Templates! Transform Your ‘Gollum Pages’ Into Fierce Sales Machines … Without Spending A Dime On A Graphic Designer!

Bonus #7: 10K In 30 Days

Make Money With This Proven Method To Generate Cash Online…
Watch & Learn How A Successful Marketer Went To Earn $10,000 In Less Than 30 Days…
You’ll Get All The Secrets In This Video Case Study So You Can Copy Exactly What This Marketer Does To Make Money Online…

Bonus #8: Video Sales Page Wizard

Create video sales pages using a proven, winning formula! Simple sucessful formula for quick sales pages all the time!
Sales page plays a very big role in converting your website visitors into buyers. If you create a sales page for granted, you will just waste your time, effort and money in selling your services or products you offer.

That’s the bonuses you will receive if purchase the front end through my referall link.

Special One Time Offers Bonus Pack

Now, this following bonuses below is for the people who purchase One Time Offers through my link. If you buy any of the one time offers you will receive the bonuses below as well.

OTO Bonus #1: I Know What You Like PLUGIN

Easily Deal With 2 Big Problems That Most Bloggers and Internet Marketers Have!
Almost every blogger or internet marketer who tries to monetize his content, will sooner or later face with these 2 big problems!
This amazing plugin allows you to show banner ads to your visitors… based on their specific interest.

OTO Bonus #2: KeyWord Swarm

Increase your conversions & boost your revenues by studying your site visitors in real time as they browse your WordPress posts!
This WP Plugins comes packed with 23 exciting features and will give you tons of demographic data about your site visitors.

OTO Bonus #3: WP Treasure Linker

Don’t Even Think About Inserting Even a Sliver of Content on Your WordPress Site Again, Without First off Using This One of a KIND Plugin!
Think of Easy WP-Treasure Linker as Your Professional Post of Page Optimizing Agent, While Instituting Straight UP and Off the Charts…

OTO Bonus #4: WP Profit Doubler

Here’s How You Can Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors To Your WordPress Sales Pages, Automatically!
Did you know that on the average sales page, 98% of visitors leave without ordering anything? That’s an awful lot of potential income lost.
If you could reduce that figure down to even 96%, that could double your income. That’s where WP Profit Doubler comes in, allowing you to make a second offer to those visitors who are leaving without ordering. You can offer them a gift in exchange for subscribing to a follow-up autoresponder, a better deal – or even a completely different offer.

Alright everyone, thanks for read my full review, make sure subscribe to my email list to know about more deals that will comes to the market.


Luan Henrique.

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