Lead Funnel Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

Lead Funnel Review

Welcome to my Lead Funnel Review, for that who don’t know me, my name is Luan Henrique and I’m the guy on the picture of a side.

I go straight to the review to show you all the product.

What Is Lead Funnel (I got it, so I can show you  everything!)

lead funnel review

On the image above you’re seeing, the dashboard of Lead Funnel. It’s very beautiful, you have to connect your twitter account to find new leads.

Basically, what Lead Funnel do, is found new leads for your business, then you can make more sales, sign ups and relationships on your niche.

It’s the first untapped automation tool for Twitter and something that works.

You just need, connect you Twitter account and start to use. Can, of course, increase your followers and find the targeted persons you need.

Ok, so on the dashboard you have a few options, that is Leads, Edit  Search, Reports, and Automation.

Also, you have contacts, Calendar, Training and to do.

Let’s start with Leads.


On this option here you can search for fresh leads and add them to your Twitter, here the dashboard you go see when to click on Leads.

lead funnel review

You can type a campaign name, look for leads or prospects, enter you Keyword like Fitness, enter your location and click search leads.

Then Lead Funnel will answer your back with all potential prospects to you add on your Twitter, message them or just add on your contacts for later.

Very cool feature.

lead funnel review

Here is the back from Lead Funnel, all my potential customers, prospects, followers and some persons that I can create a relationship.

Edit Search

Edit Search is pretty self-explanatory, you can edit you search, change the keywords, the location, just editing your search.


The reports tab is very cool, they track everything you do and getting you a detailed report of your results.

How many people follow you back, how many people answer your messages, click on your links or even convert into a customer.

lead funnel review 4


This is one of the parts I really love, automation haha, this makes the difference of  this web cloud app.

lead funnel review

So you have everything there when you approve a prospect inside of Lead Funnels you can follow them directly, add them to a twitter list, like their twitter 24h later, send a direct message, and you have the template as you can customize.

And put a conversion track pixel if you want.

Then you have other tabs like:

Contacts: All your contacts list.

Calendar: Is a calendar inside of Lead Funnel.

Training: How to use Lead Funnel

To Do: You can add a checklist for things you need to do inside of Lead Funnel.

Signup For Lead Funnel

That’s it for the front end, now, for the upgrades:

OTO #1: Lead Funnel Pro (Price: $67)

For the first upsell we have a version Pro of Lead Funnel. This allows you to get premium features that are email leads, fetch leads in real time, integrate own twitter API in Lead Funnel, Integrations with all SMTPaccounts, mastermind FB VIP Group, Import/Export Address Book From Lead Funnel, Dedicate adress book.

OTO #2: Lead Accelerator Pro (Price: $97)

The second upsell allows you to get real targeted followers to any Twitter Account on complete auto pilot, increasing sales, traffic and engagement using All In One Pinterest Monetization PinDrill.

OTO #3: Lead Funnel Agency (Price: $197-$297) LOVED HAHA 🙂

As you already know I love Agency Rights, WhiteLabel Rights, I’m a big fan of that, and Lead Funnel have that option, the third upsell allows you to sell Lead Funnel and PinDrill accounts to your customers/clients using their marketing material.

You remember the launch of PinDrill? Yea, that’s right, again here.

My Lead Funnel Review & Verdict (Honest Thoughts)

Okay, first of at all before I start, Jai Sharma is one of the best sellers on JVZOO.com, win so many prizes because of that by JVZOO. And when he put’s a product out is something you need at least check by yourself.

I have a little problem in connecting my Twitter account, as I don’t see how to do it on Tutorial, but I think they go fix that. I found the solution, just search for leads, click approve, then you Twitter account go open for you Integrate, an Integrate button will be cool on that.

The web app delivery what they promise, is very easy to found new leads, and send them directly messages trying to make their customers or making relationships, also can give you a big brand of followers if people follow you back.

As the upsells, all it’s fine, it’s not so much upsells, and is affordable, what I love on the upsell is the number three, as I love the thing we can sell using their marketing material, so pay $197 for this OTO and make your money back because this shit really convert.

After all, I enjoyed the product, my verdict is 100% recommended 🙂

Signup For Lead Funnel Here

Lead Funnel Bonus Pack

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lead funnel review

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Bonus Pack For One Time Offer Buyers

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lead funnel review

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