Fast Guide To Rank Youtube Videos

Fast Guide To Rank Youtube Videos

I’m thinking today…why don’t give an active content for my readers? I go give you a fast action on video optimization for Google and Youtube have pleasure to rank your videos more faster.

I don’t go talk about off video SEO, how proceed with backlinks, thumbnails etc, sometimes you don’t even need that. But, if you can and know, the off seo video strategies are valid as well.

I go talk about how optimize your title, description and tags to get a better rank there.

No more, go talk about it!

Fast Guide To Rank Youtube Videos

So, if you already know VIDEOS are very popular and go be a life changing for 2016. If you are in the internet marketing world or selling products online, this go be more important for you.

Because you need prospects seeing videos and click on your links, and buy your things.

So, go start, how optimize titles, description and tags for better rankings on Youtube.

Title Optimization

The title shoulds contain your main keywords and something more, on all my titles, who i like put reviews, or other things.

seo for youtube videos

So if you go do a weight loss product review, you put as a title, follow the formula here: product name review + something more.

Or if you just go do a tutorial put: tutorial name + something more

Like, Weight Loss Fast X Review – How Burn Your Fat Fast.

Or if is a tut you want to put: How To Lose Weight Fast – Secrets Discovered

Every time i do something like that, i get more views, more likes and better ranks too. So this has something relations.

Description Optimization

Your description should have your main keywords, links and be long.

I am trying to make more of 200 words on my Youtube descriptions, and put some links with something relations about my video, or direct to my website.

So when comes to optimizing your description, use your main keywords, a text with more 200 words, and use referral links too.

Tag Optimization

For the tags, i use my main keywords and other things if i can. So if i promote a product on Youtube about membership sites, i put a tag with product name, with my title, and something related to my video.

So, tags should be: “product name review, product name” and if the product is about how to build membership sites i put that too “how to build membership sites, membership sites”. This gets me more views and exposure.

Hope you understand all the optimization process, backlinks and off page SEO are valid too. But i don’t go talk about that today.

If you have any doubt you can comment this topic and i go have pleasure to help you.

To Your Success,

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