FaceBook Group Poster & Automation 2017

FaceBook Group Poster & Automation 2017

Hey there! Luan here with another article to Pig Reviews website, in the truth this is being my personal blog now, so I make sure do quick updates about new products, marketing tips & much more

For makes anyone successful

Today what I have in hands is a new FaceBook automation tool called “FB Auto”, this tool was created by me a few months ago, and I need to talk a little about it because it’s a very powerful software!

Some insane powerful features

FaceBook Page Poster

With this module you can post & schedule content to all the pages you own! FB Auto let you post text, links, images, video, album photos and even slideshows directly from the software to your FaceBook

FaceBook Liked Pages Poster

In this feature we built in a way to you post content in pages that you give a like, so if you like a hundred pages, now you can post content and make them updated about your content on the pages that you liked as well

FaceBook Group Poster

Probably the best feature we built in, post content to your groups, so this means you can earn affiliate commissions by promote affiliate products inside of groups that your own or that you join, yes, you don’t have needs to be a owner of the groups

Just join a group and you will be able to post with our software inside of that groups, it’s easy to get traffic to any offer or website

Watch this demo video I do about it within 8 minutes:

Cool, right? But the most excitement part is: These traffic converts, to be 100% honest with you, have one week what all I do is post in all my groups once a day promoting FB Auto

I do this test for five days, after five days, I make almost $50-$100 every single day!

This doing just one post in this groups per day, and I have only 100 that I join!

I challenge you to try it out, in one week you can make all your small investment back by just promoting your things inside of FaceBook

FB Auto is available monthly fee and you can start a trial for a sake of test as well

Here go the two links

FB Auto: http://fbauto.club

FB Auto Trial: http://fbauto.club/trial

I highly recommend your pick your copy today and also you can use a special coupon code just by seen this article, use coupon code “save3” and you will get $3 off on the checkout, okay?

Hope  you enjoy and give a little comments of what you think and what I can better on the software!


Luan Henrique

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