Doodly Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

Doodly Review

What’s up folks, let me talk a little about Doodly.

I just felt I need to do this review anyway and share my thoughts about it because when I see that, I have the desire for buy myself haha

Doodly is all about animation videos….and I guess have three problems that all people facing when the topic is videos anyway.

The first is the high expenses you need to pay for creating one, the other is difficult to do a cool video that can be a sales letter, bonus video, whatever video you want and a video that converts well.

And Doodly solve most of them, so here I am.

I guess you can use Doodly the three ways, for create videos for yourself and for your business (if you do a quick search about why animation videos convert more, you go see a ton of articles talking about the human behaviors that make this works, but what matters in the end, is really your results).

The other way is to do this videos, that is very easy with Doodly, and sell in sites like or, on my little research I see people selling this videos, and a matter of minutes costs $500 to $1000 dollars for someone do it. So you can do by yourself and be selling.

And the last way, is I see a lot of web apps that do less than that, and charge a hundred of monthly fee per month, as this is a one time offer, I guess will be a good solution for you.

Because of two things I’m doing this here, I know that is valuable for my subscribers and visitors, and I know people will love it, like I loved it!

Of course, I go talk little things that I don’t like later, as usual, hahaha, I love found fails on products.

Despite this, here’s a sneek peak on how this works, and yes, you go see this video everywhere, as is from the product creator:

What I really like on Doodly, is the easy of to use, so you don’t need to have any past experience to make work, even if you never do a video in your life, I guess it’s possible with Doodly, and I guess you agree with me after seeing this demo video above.

Also, you can change the background music, color (black or white), upload your own characters, props or images, and the software itself coming with some props, characters, to your start doing this videos right way, which is cool, also you can add anything on your own.

The problematic side of it, and something I really don’t like, is the need of install of the software inside of my computer, this is desktop app based, so I can’t access from any browser I want (like web app), something I like is where I go in the world, I can access the software, so as is desktop based, I only can install on my computer and use them, if you have laptop good, but I have a desktop, so you get the deal…

Despite this little problem (fact), the software works on MAC or computer, and you can install in both, if you can pass this fact, you’re ready to go. Something that can charge you hundreds per month to do it, with fewer features than Doodly, now can be bought by one-time offer, and use for a lifetime.

Being honest here, I don’t think it’s possible, to edit the size and do everything that is possible with it…so.

doodly review





I’m offering a little bonus pack with it for people that get it through my website.

Here’s what to do for getting Doodly with my bonuses available below: Purchase that through this link, send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll answer you asap with the download link.


Bonus #1: Giant WhiteBoard Kit v2

Do Your Whiteboard Videos Look Boring? Now anyone can create eye-catching and professional looking whiteboard videos using the biggest whiteboard video firesale!

doodly review

Bonus #2: Giant WhiteBoard Kit v2 Platinum

Get more animated characters and SVG packs! All with a developer license!

doodly review

Bonus #3: WhiteBoard Marketing Box Vol. 1

This Graphic and Vector Character can maximize your conversions and sales!
Now You Can Easily Create Professional Whiteboard Video Using This 290+ Hand Drawn Graphics And Take Your Business To The Next Level!

doodly review

Bonus #4: WhiteBoard Graphics Bundle

Very nice SVG Whiteboard graphics. You have a total of 30 categories to choose from!

doodly review

Bonus #5: SVG Galaxy

It’s easier than you think with these 800+ whiteboard SVG items created from 350+ unique & stunning artworks available in full color, B&W with shadow and line art.

doodly review

Bonus #6: Launch Jacking 101 + OTO (Case Study)

This is a product created by me little months ago, that teaches you how to start making money online with Launch Jacking, precisely, how to rank your reviews sites on the first page of Google and make money with it (Even if you don’t have a website yet, I go teach you)

doodly review

Bonus #7: BackLink Source 2016 (By Me)

Are you ready to rank any site to first page of Google for any keyword? Let me show you on this short pdf where and how I buy my backlinks that skyrocket every site to the first page of Google, even if you never do that before.

doodly review

Bonus #8: Copywriting Cheat-Sheet

The done for you templates responsible for $1,000,000 in sales the last year, fill in the blank plus cheat sheet!

doodly review

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