BigWig Video Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

BigWig Video Review

It’s time for the BigWig Video Review, 12:40 PM here, I even don’t launch yet, but I’m ready because this product is perfect for newbies, and it’s something that can put a little money into your pocket, even if you are a complete newbie at it!

So, let’s go.

If you are the type of person that starting right now in affiliate marketing or for making money online, you see have a lot of products out there, and a lot of this products are all bullshit, most people into this start with videos, doing a little video reviews, but making zero sales, why? Because no one sees those videos.

Here’s where enter BigWig Video, it’s pretty like Youtube…but solve most of the problems newbie marketers have, this means, rankings, people seeing their videos and on conversions, make some money.

It’s like Youtube, but isn’t, what BigWig Video actually does, is, you can upload your video from Youtube or MP4 video..and this video will be sent a sitemap for major Search Engines giving you the ability to get better rankings and videos, plus is made for having social media shares, the platform.

So with a link on the description, you’re ready to start profit….well, I’m not saying that is easy, have somethings I didn’t like about this product, and I will share you later, for you know.

It’s so easy to use, put project name, the URL of Youtube or MP4 (This can be a review video or sales video).

bigwig video review

Then you can put your description, title, and category, the description must be an affiliate link of course, for you make some profit. Also, you can customize template of the video, like the color of the play button, etc…which is very cool to play with it.

bigwig video review 2

You go have your own channel inside of BigWig, is pretty like Youtube…I’m don’t saying here, you go create your first project and making ten thousand in profits right way, I know this can help you to succeed, as you see you have social share buttons very easy, to trying to make this go viral…no guarantees that will work.

But a little tip I can give you, start sharing on your on medias and try making people share even more.

What I didn’t like about it, is ok, appears easy to make money with it, they go have a sales letter talking about it, etc, but you know Internet Marketing is not easy at all.

Despite this little fact of money easy, if you know you need to take action, upload videos every week, trying to share in your own social medias and where you can to make this appears, you’re ready to go! If you are not a procrastinator, I don’t like the idea of getting rich scheme, that doesn’t exist.

Now yes, the software can help you get better SEO rankings, and of course, better  exposure on social medias, also giving profit to you if you’re doing right, also I think this go be something like DailyMotion that ranks fast on Google, Bing, ETC…but it’s not a guarantee, I’m guessing.

Behind this facts, if you can accept everything I said, you’re good to go…and the web app is easy to use itself. It’s not something you install, is all cloud based…SO,

bigwig video review





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