6 Ways to Maximize Twitter As an Effective Marketing Tool

I have just been using Twitter for a couple of months, however I quickly learned that 1) there’s a couple different ways to use it, 2) if you’re using Twitter all by itself, you’re just seeing a very small glimpse of its power( and 3) it could get addictive. It’s a wonderful spot to receive updates and socialize, but it may be a very effective marketing tool if used properly.

1. Offer value

I have seen users that share exactly the same connection to their own sales page repeatedly, or worse, exactly the same precise tweet. This is such a turn off. Know your audience, and offer something valuable and also be of interest to them.

2. Get followers

If you follow people, they’ll be prone to follow you back. This is not to say you should blanketly follow everybody. If you should target audience, you need followers within your niche. Wefollow.com and Mrtweet.com are equally excellent places to seek out people by particular keywords and which are related to you.

3. Socialize

As people get to know you personally, they’re far more inclined to purchase your product. I use TweetDeck as my Twitter customer. Not only are you able to add multiple Twitter accounts, you might also add Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts, and you’ll be able to see all these without logging out and in. It’s possible to track @ mentions so you will know whenever someone mentions @ or you answer, even if you don’t follow them. You could also add your search phrase to observe your keywords.

4. Monitor your links

Bit.ly is a url shorten-er that comes in handy for Twitter since you just consume around 140 characters per tweet. Bit.ly monitors the clicks so you will know just how many people clicked on your links. If you use TweetDeck, then you may set it to automatically shorten urls through bit.ly. A cool suggestion – you can use this to test your ad copy. Tweet different headers and see which one pulls the best.

5. Automate

Socialoomph.com previously Tweet Afterwards, is a Twitter management instrument. You can configure it to automatically follow who follow you, unfollow who unfollow you, send direct message to all of your brand new followers, or simply to those that you approve. You could also schedule a tweet to head out at a specified time.

6. Know when to tweet

Does this matter if you tweet? A study shows more people are on Twitter from the morning to evening, and on weekends. Also, whatever your latest tweet is the one which gets the most attention. Bear this in mind while you’ve got a significant statement, or a connection you need a good deal of people to click.

Twitter is also proven to swiftly shut down accounts which are suspicious, so don’t be overly aggressive. The fantastic thing about Twitter is that most of the tools are free, or even have a free option.

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