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How To Build an Email List Fast – 5 Steps

How To Build an Email List Fast 5 Steps

If you follow this, it’s guaranteed you can make a good email list.

It’s basic, but useful tutorial.

In this quick video I’ve show you, how to build an email list fast from scratch, with five simple easy steps, who every person who build a list need.

I share,

1 – AutoResponder.
How to select the right autoresponder to get the most response rate, delivery for you email marketing.

2 – Lead Capture Pages
Lead Capture pages is what should you do to get more subscribers for you email list.

3 – Traffic
Paid or free traffic you choose, but of course it’s needed if you want to succeed on email marketing.

4 – Follow UPSeries
How to build inside of your autoresponder good followupseries who convert your subscribers into buyers.

5 – Choose good offers
Choose good offers to promote for your list, and you’ll be good and able to make money online.

Build an Email List – 5 Steps VIDEO


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$576 In One Week With Launch Jacking

$576 In One Week With Launch Jacking

Hi, my mate… when comes to launch jacking you need do the right way.

So, for the first time ever i go share with you how i bring 480 visitors to my website, clicking on my affiliate links, and how i make $576 in one week with the strategy, without spend THOUSANDS of dollars, $500 in pure profits.

This is basic topic, i don’t go give you EVERYTHING, because this is not an ebook, when i have time i promise do for you.

The principle of launch jacking it’s promoting other peoples products, make a site BEFORE the launch, rank on the first page of Google and make peoples buy from your link when launch occurs, very easy to understand.

What you need?

1 – WebSite (Doesn’t need a domain like “” once you know how rank your sites to Google).
2 – Jvzoo, Clickbank Or Whatever Other Affiliate Program Account.

Go let’s started very basic, it’s not a deeper topic here. Search a launch jacking full tutorial to understand and use my tips, and your good to go.

First The WebSite

1 – Buy a domain and host at
2 – Setup WordPress
3 – Setup a Good Looking Theme (Like AffiliatePro or Can use the default theme if want)

Second Choose The Right Offer

Big topic here, you need to choose the right offer to promote, other times you go WASTE your money.

So, go to the MunchEye – I.M. Product Launch Calendar
Search the names of BIG LAUNCHERS on forums is good to go too.

But when i go to the MunchEye i prefer to promote only BIG LAUNCHS instead of DEFAULTS.

I promote only the big launches, default launches don’t work well for me, just if i know the name of product launcher. Like Luke Maguire. I like his products.

See if the product is good, if it’s you, you purchase that? Or it’s a useless product? You don’t want peoples get a SHIT offers. I hate that.

Ok, after choosing the offer to promote.

Third Write a Good Review and Offer a Bonuses

Why people go buy from you? Offer a good bonus for them click on your link and buy from you, you don’t want people to hate you. Offer good bonuses, not useless things how people’s do out there.

Offer 3-9 bonuses, if it’s good, 3 will be good to they purchase from your link, people looking for a quality, don’t for a quantity.

You can see how i write and use my bonuses here: Project Supremacy 2.0 Review, Tour And Bonus | Pig Reviews

See, it’s useful bonuses who help people out.

I like to give consultation on Skype too, because i love helping people out.

Fourth Rank Your Site and Video To Keywords (MORE IMPORTANT)

Product Name Review
Product Name Bonus
Product Name

Like that

Use Youtube and WarriorForum for marketing your shit too, it’s good make a post on Warrior Classified ADS.

How you go rank your sites? Mate, i do a free report for you, what i use, how i use, to rank my sites and videos to that keywords and others very fast. It’s valuable thing.

I go give you for free, but for a limited time.

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Start the backlinking 3 weeks before the launch, to make sure you’ll be there when the launch occurs.

Fifth Waiting The Launch and Hack The Money

After everything, you just wait the launch and hack the money.

Very easy, simple and effective, this is what works for 2016.

Thanks for attention,
See yeaaa.

Luan Henrique.

Side note, get honorable mentions it’s good too.