Mobimatic Review

Mobimatic Review

Hey folks, your friend Luan Henrique here, and today I take some time to do “a Mobimatic Review”

A brand-new cloud based software that pop ups on the market, you can check out it here.

mobimatic review

First, I want to shoot out what is Mobimatic, Mobimatic is a cloud based software (that means run on the cloud) you no need to install anything, that allows you to create powerful mobile apps, and sell yourself.

The first thing that popu ps on my head is: WOW! Because really, being honest with you, pay a developer today is so much expensive, I’m a plugin product creator, and developers charge me around $1000-$2000 to develop a simple plugin for wordpress, to mobile they charge even more

=> Check Out Mobimatic Here

So, how this works? Here’s a quick picture of the dashboard if you want to see:

mobimatic review

Now, I can imagine what you are thinking about it, it’s easy to create the mobile Apps? Yep, incredible simple, also, they give you a full training on how to do it, how to get started, and full support if you have any problem or doubts,

I try to play around myself without see any training video, and here’s what happens

I just put my new mobile app name: WP mobile

mobimatic review

You don’t need do the app design yourself, you can choose by pre made templates one, how you are seeing on the image above,


This is what your design looks like, also you can choose the image on the background, choose the layout, country, and personalize everything you want

Then you just move forward, and can edit colors, and more! Mostly colors of buttons.

=> Check Out Mobimatic

What is cool, its super simple, I even not see the training videos, and I’m able to do my first mobile APP. This is the coolest part, you can start do your mobile APPmobimatic-review

You can see have ton of features, like forms, discounts, facebook, fan wall, in app message, and much more, not only that, social media buttons if you want to add, integrations,

I decided to do this one super simple, as I don’t want to waste time, and really show you everything about it, so I add about us page, calendar, facebook fan page, and contact on my app

Of course you can do much more, but it’s for you get a general idea of what this software does

=> Check Out Mobimatic


The last thing I want to do is add my ICON, I get a pre made template, so I get a pre made icon, that you can see an example below


And it’s done! My mobile APP is ready and I’m ready to monetize, yes! I can monetize the plugin, after you follow everything and create your first mobile app, you can monetize it.

Mobile APPs are bought every single day, and people just love it

The software itself will create three versions for your mobile app, IOs, Ios, and Android

So you has everything you need


Also you can monetize your app using AdMob, that’s it a service from Google that makes easy to your monetize your apps, or you can do the way you want

All you need to do them, is publish your app, you can use the Done For You Publish or you can publish as your own, if you know how to do it 🙂

Now, how you this will help you to get results, because at the end of the day, is everything results, and how this will make more revenue for ours and grow ours business

So you can use this three ways that I can think right way, you can develop Mobile Apps, publish and monetize! That is your first option

You can create this APPs and sell to local marketers,

Also you can sell this mobile apps, on sites like,,, has a ton of people making a good money with it on the internet

And the last, you can create a mobile apps site to sell!

My recommendation here is pick this! Is very easy to use, powerful one, and I don’t found bad things about it, being honest here, I love to found some errors or bugs on softwares that I test it out, but I really liked everything, they put a complete pack to you, in easy to use, with trainings, and ready to monetization

Want to increase revenue and make more money? That’s can be good way to do it

If you have any question about this, is just comment and I answer you right way

Thanks for your attention

=> Check Out Mobimatic Here

Your friend

Luan Henrique

Happy 100 Posts At The Blog

Happy 100 Posts At The Blog! Thank you, that comes to my blog every single day, and let me keep my work done every single month, every single year.

We complete today, 100 Posts at, that we have started on 2015 all through to 2016.

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Thanks for everything,

Luan Henrique