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Video Course Cash Kit review – First of at all, thanks for coming to my Video Course Cash Kit review, my name is Luan Henrique and I’m the guy with the crazy hair and “hated” brazilian accent on the picture of side.

Now as you know that, lets go start to do the review itself. Mike From Maine the product creator, is a friend of mine, but I’m not doing this review because of that, I’m doing this because I think Video Course Cash Kit is a good product and can help you achieve the desired goal of Make Money Online!

A little overview before we start:

Product Name: Video Course Cash Kit

Product Creators: Mike From Maine & Brett Rutecky (Top Affiliates at JVZOO)

Product Price: $27 Front End (With 50 licenses agency system)

Official WebSite:

The Verdict: 100% Recommended


What Video Course Cash Kit is all about? (I got it, So I can show you!)

video course cash kit review

The Video Course Cash Kit is a training video series on how you can start make money online at Udemy and Skill Share, selling trainings and your skills at these websites. This able John (The guy you go see on the video series, make over $5.000,00 on passive income every single month). And of course he go teachs you how you can do the same.

You have 57 videos showing you step by step without fluff, this means, is not long video series, is a short videos showing you every step all over the shoulder on how to do it. You don’t go take days to finish the course, one day you can watch everything and start applying, literally!

This training show you everything, how to do the videos, the courses and also how to get the traffic to you be able to sell and make or emulate the same results he getting right now.

But not only you can use the training, actually Brett Rutecky add 50 licenses to you sell as your own, this means, you can use they sales page, they training, they support, and make 100% the profits. If you want to sell to your friends, business, on forums (I see this alot, people making money on these forums selling licenses and making 100% profits).

Can you imagine? Pay $27 at this. Then go to a forum and sell 50 licenses for $10 each. This means $500 in your pocket. Money easy right?

I already take a look inside, and is awesome! You need to see this too…let me bring Brett Rutecky here to show you everything inside as he have better english than mine.

So you see how this works! Now for the upgrades.

OTO 1: Unlimited Agency Upgrade (Price $67 – RECOMMENDED)

The one time offer number one, is a upgrade for unlimited agency. So you can sell how many copies you want and still with 100% profits. Imagine how much you can make with this. Is a easy money and is because that I recommend to purchase this upgrade, again, it’s not a requirement. You go have unlimited licenses, sell directly with PayPal option!

OTO 2: Affiliate Training With Unlimited Reseller Agency (Price $67)

This is the one time offer number two, you go have a full affiliate marketing training, on how to make money online selling other peoples products, and also a unlimited reseller agency rights to that, this means exactly what have on the one time offer number one, you can sell as your own and make 100% the profits, but this time for this Affiliate Marketing training. Again, not a requirement, but a cool product!

OTO 3: Link Master Plugin With Unlimited Reseller Agency (Price $97)

The one time offer number three is the Link Master Plugin again with reseller rights, so you can resell and make 100% profits, a little demo video of Link Master:

OTO 4: Profit Canvas – Life Time Access (Price: $47)

This is the last one time offer for that product. Profit canvas is a powerful product that shows you how to make money online, how you see, all is about help you to get the desired goal of make money online with affiliate marketing, udemy and skill share. So take a look at the profit canvas on the video below:

My Video Course Cash Kit Review (THE FINAL VERDICT)

Okay, Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky are top affiliates on, and all they share is a pure gold value. I have a training about affiliate marketing with this guys, when they release Affiliate Trax. And I can say you, the training is legit and help you get the results.

You see with the Video Course Cash Kit you can start make money online right way after watch the videos. And the videos take a few time to you finish. What I don’t like about that, is too many upsells. What I recommend you purchase is the one time offer one, and the two.

Because this affiliate training (oto 2) is powerful and help me to make money online right now. I’m using the tactics they share inside of this training.

My final verdict is 100% recommended (good product).

If you purchase that through my affiliate link, I receive a small percentage of the sale, no extra costs for you, also you win a cool bonuses available below.

My Video Course Cash Kit Bonus Pack

Ok! Here’s what to do to get Video Course Cash Kit with my bonuses below, just, purchase through my referall link and send your receipt to [email protected] or on contact form here.



bonus 3 for video course cash kit

bonus4 for video course cash kit

Special Bonuses For Video Course Cash Kit Buyers:

This is the bonuses you will receive if purchase the front end (Video Course Cash Kit) through my referall link.

Bonus #1: Launch Jacking 101

video course cash kit bonus

I’m the creator of this product, and I go show you everything on “how you can make over $3,000 every single month” ranking little reviews sites on the first page of! Also how to write a good review with bonuses!

Bonus #2: BackLink Source 2016

Know the best places to buy backlinks in 2016 year! This is my top quality backlink sellers, and I reveal this only for you. After you try one of the packages you go see inside, I guarantee your site will skyrocket to the first page of Google!

Bonus #3: Affiliate Marketing Excellence

Become An Affiliate Marketing Expert And Make More Money… Even Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible… Every business desires to make profits by getting as many customers as possible and in the process increasing sales. There are many ways to drive sales, and one of them that is very convenient and preferable to many entrepreneurs is affiliate …

Bonus #4: Giant Marketing Kit V2


You see, you have exactly 5 seconds to grab the reader’s attention before they move on to the next thing they want to look at.
And today, a brand new version 2 of this amazing tools that could help you Bosst your conversion rate with less effort.

Bonus #5: Super Affiliate Marketing Methods

Learning About Super Affiliate Marketing Methods Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!Learn about how super affiliates make the most money with only 11% effort to create amazing results!Ok, utilizing things like e-mail marketing to market your affiliate links goes without saying. E-mail goes way back and is still the most beneficial way …

Bonus #6: The New Affiliate Marketing Master Plan

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate a reliable source of revenue! Now Anyone Can Make a Fortune in Affiliate Marketing! Being in the affiliate marketing business is not that hard now with the Internet at your disposable. It is much easier now compared to the days when people have to make use of the telephones and other mediums of …

Bonus #7: 10K In 30 Days

Make Money With This Proven Method To Generate Cash Online…
Watch & Learn How A Successful Marketer Went To Earn $10,000 In Less Than 30 Days…
You’ll Get All The Secrets In This Video Case Study So You Can Copy Exactly What This Marketer Does To Make Money Online…

Bonus #8: The CPA Affiliate Marketing System

Have you been trying to make money the traditional way…and failing? Have you heard about this new “no-selling” type of affiliate marketing online where you get paid even if you don’t make a sale?CPA stands for Cost Per Action – Meaning that you get paid not when a sale is made, but when the people you refer take an action.The best part (besides the …

That’s the bonuses you will receive if purchase the front end through my referall link.

Special One Time Offers Bonus Pack

Now, this following bonuses below is for the people who purchase One Time Offers through my link. If you buy any of the one time offers you will receive the bonuses below as well.

OTO Bonus #1: I Know What You Like PLUGIN

video course cash kit review

Easily Deal With 2 Big Problems That Most Bloggers and Internet Marketers Have!
Almost every blogger or internet marketer who tries to monetize his content, will sooner or later face with these 2 big problems!
This amazing plugin allows you to show banner ads to your visitors… based on their specific interest.

OTO Bonus #2: KeyWord Swarm

video course cash kit review

Increase your conversions & boost your revenues by studying your site visitors in real time as they browse your WordPress posts!
This WP Plugins comes packed with 23 exciting features and will give you tons of demographic data about your site visitors.

OTO Bonus #3: WP Treasure Linker

video course cash kit review

Don’t Even Think About Inserting Even a Sliver of Content on Your WordPress Site Again, Without First off Using This One of a KIND Plugin!
Think of Easy WP-Treasure Linker as Your Professional Post of Page Optimizing Agent, While Instituting Straight UP and Off the Charts…

OTO Bonus #4: WP Profit Doubler

video course cash kit review

Here’s How You Can Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors To Your WordPress Sales Pages, Automatically!
Did you know that on the average sales page, 98% of visitors leave without ordering anything? That’s an awful lot of potential income lost.
If you could reduce that figure down to even 96%, that could double your income. That’s where WP Profit Doubler comes in, allowing you to make a second offer to those visitors who are leaving without ordering. You can offer them a gift in exchange for subscribing to a follow-up autoresponder, a better deal – or even a completely different offer.

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