The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In IM

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In Internet Marketing

When peoples comes to internet marketing world, think it’s all good, all easy and it’s not.

But are reasons who make people succeed and fail! So see the top three main reasons why you go fail in internet marketing and just avoid it! And follow the instructions.

The first product you see, you buy, and all appears so easy and peoples are making a ton of money with the product, and you think you can do the same.

Yes, sometimes you can succeed at the first time, but the majority not!

And when this occurs, you appear like that:

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In IM

I do everything right and this doesn’t works, fuck, the first thought pass in your mind is: give up, this don’t work.

Internet Marketing Works? Yes, works, you see the high pay days of members on the internet, and when you see $10k in a day don’t think it’s a lie, because can be really truthful.

But it’s not so easy to do equal, the persons who make these types of values are a time on internet marketing, don’t start where they at.

The big phrase i hear by Alex Jeffrey’s its: “start small, think big and scale fast“. This is what you should do.

So, the top reasons why people fail when comes to IM:

1. All go be easy and i go killer from the first product i bought:

Sometimes this can work, but in the majority? Not! The reality is you go need test things after things and discover by yourself what works or not.

You can pickup a good product out there and start doing a test by yourself, and then you go have the “ah-ha” moments when you see what works, and what it’s don’t.

Remember, start small, you cannot make 10K in one day from the first day, but, if you stick you can make this money.

2. Jump The Product After Product Searching The Magic Pill:

This is the most mistake i see, so many guys, test one product, don’t work on the first time, and boom, give up and go to the next.

This makes they buy product after product and it’s a feel unstoppable, they go buy thing after thing and not stick with one method proven to work.

It’s a huge error, and i do this as well, what i recommend you to do is buy a product proven to work, with the BIG product owners on the IM world and stick with.

Don’t give up if you don’t make money with the first time, you just lear, try again, try along the months, then you can see if works or not.

But don’t do the wrong way, try the product ONE TIME, don’t work and you jump to the next, no, buy one product and stick with along the months.

3. Have Only One Way To Do Things:

If you do something and don’t work, why you should do the same thing again? Try different things, your page doesn’t converts? Search on the internet, how make conversion better.

Why the page don’t converts? Search the errors, fix it and make the next time different, and this go be tested again, and again. Until you finally found what works and then the money will come easy.

So when haven’t worked with you, search the problems, why don’t works? It’s the product? It’s my page? It’s my ad? Why? Try fixing it and do different next time.

The definition of insanity is: Think you go get results different doing the same thing.

So remember that, avoid that errors and i have the certainty you go rock in the first months you do!

I have one resource for you right now, see this motivational video, and i see you soon.

To your success,


PS: Any doubt, comment below and i go be glad to help you.

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