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Speed Leads review – First of at all, thanks for coming to my Speed Leads review, my name is Luan Henrique and I’m the guy with the crazy hair and “hated” brazilian accent on the picture of side.

As you know that, lets go to the review itself about Speed Leads.

You want to know everything about it, and grab some best bonuses with it, and I’m here to give you that.

A little overview about Speed Leads before we start,

Product Name: Speed Leads

Product Creator: Tom Murray

Product Price: $19.95 for unlimited brands

Official Website: http://speedleads.io

The Verdict: 100% Recommended (I HAD TO LOL)

Speed Leads Review – What is all about? (Let me show you)

speed leads review

Okay…so the first question everyone are asking is: What is Speed Leads?

Speed Leads is a brand new web cloud based software that allows you to add call to actions inside of your website. If you’re having problems right now with get more leads, get more actions, and drive more traffic for your website.

Speed Leads is a good solution.

What is very cool about that, is, you can share a viral content and add a call to action inside of this content for a sales page, landing page, whatever you want to send your traffic.

Is very easy to use as 1, 2, 3. Take you three steps to create your call to actions and start drive actions at your website.

I can’t explain more, you need to see the demo video by yourself:

Cool, huh?

This is the front end offer, Speed Leads, where you can add your call to actions and engage people to do whatever you want they to do, signup to your list, buy your things, etc.

Now, for the upgrades,

OTO 1 – Speed Leads Pro (Price: $19,95/mo or $97/year)

The Pro upgrade allows you to automate the process…

Speedleads Pro includes a post scheduler that connects to Facebook and Twitter.

This introduces a truly innovative way to curate and share content on social media that your buyers won’t have seen before.

Not a requirement, but a cool upgrade.

OTO 2 – Speed Leads Agency (Price: $97)

This upgrade is aimed at agencies and opens up a whole new angle for monetisation of the main offer and OTO1.

We’re including the options to add additional sub-users of the extension, white label options and more.

Highly recommended for users with clients or who want to focus on providing a managed service.

OTO 3 – WishLoop SaaS (Price: $67/mo or $497/year)

This option enables you to unlock the other 3 parts of the Wishloop SaaS – EngagiFire (a flagship popup creator) & CaptiFire (a page builder) & AmpliFire. These tools are just great! – having delivered over 90 MILLION impressions for 6,500+ users already! So you can do your own pages, popups, and sell for clients, etc.

My Speed Leads Review (THE VERDICT)

Ok, my Speed Leads review, Speed Leads works quick and soft, without crashs or bugs at all. I love WhiteLabel options as they offer on the one time offer number two. Speed Leads is for people that want to improve their business with more actions, signups and sales.

What I think about it…everyone can use, you see the demo video, and I use by myself, is easy as 1, 2, 3 to add call to actions. The call to actions is not only designed with premier technology, but premier DESIGN. Is appeal, and can works very well.

I highly recommend pick this up, if you have a website, and want to improve the quality or make more sales for your business.

I loved the product itself, and loved the WhiteLabel thing, as I can sell as my own.

Any doubt about this product, don’t worry, just comment below and I’ll help you out.

My final verdict is 100% RECOMMENDED.

If you purchase through my link, I receive a small percentage of the sale, no extra costs for you, also you receive my bonuses below.

My Speed Leads Review – Bonus Pack

Ok! Here’s what to do to get Speed Leads with my bonuses below, just, purchase through my referall link and send your receipt to [email protected] or on contact form here.

Bonus #1: Turbo Video Genie

speed leads bonus

Bonus #2: WP Headline Pro

Bonus #3: WP EZ Launcher

Bonus #4: WP Engage Plus Plugin

WP Engage + is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys.

You can basically create these polls and surveys into any page or post on your WP – quickly and easily.

Basically, this wonderful tool will allow you to understand what your visitors are thinking about your blog and, as you might know, this is the “formula” to success.

When you understand what your visitors want, it doesn’t take much to start seeing better results with your blog.

Also, as I told you before, the beauty of WP ENGAGE+ is that you can set a direct link into each survey or poll, so that your visitor will be directed to different pages depending on what they answered in the poll.

I think you have to agree that this is a VERY powerful way to drive MORE traffic to any offer or website!

Bonus #5: WP Mini Funnels

Bonus #6: SEO Marketing For Beginners

Bonus #7: $576 In One Week Case Study

How I Make $576 In Every Single Week On Complete AutoPilot & How You can Do Exactly The Same Without Product, Money Or Traffic!

Bonus #8: 5 Quick Ways To Drive Free Traffic

In This Video I show you how to drive a complete free traffic to your website every single day! Even if you never drive huge traffic for your website.

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