5 Motivational Videos You Must See Today

5 Motivational Videos You Must See Today

Today I just found time to select a finger the best motivational videos I’ve ever seen in my life. This videos can really help you succeed. But before we go any further and you see this videos, I want to give you a big secret of all succeed peoples have in common.

This is a quality that very few people have in common that makes success not an accident, but something that happens every time.

If you don’t have success till now, It’s your fault. Are you live up to your dream?

The secret is something you already know, but…again: Never Give Up

Ya, never give up on your dreams, for what you want in life. If you never give up, success just go happens anyway. Can be today, tomorrow, a year, but someday go clicks and go happens. It’s not an accident.

Let’s start?

#1: Dr. Eric Thomas – You Owe You

One of the best motivational speeches in the world, Eric Thomas. The passion of this guy is something that you really feel even in his videos. Do What You Want On Your Life. Stay with your values, and never give up.

#2: No Excuses – Motivational Video

Julien Blanc, dating expert, motivational speech and life example, this guy is successful almost in every part of his life, and he is one of the guys that help me on all my life struggling. This guy does not change only my life, but a life of so many persons. And excuses is one of the biggest blocks for people don’t succeed, so, no excuses.

#3: I Am a Champion – The Greatest Speech Ever

One of the best viewed motivational videos seeing on Youtube. I Am a Champion. A speech makes for a team of football and for you apply to life.

#4: Ambition – Motivational Video

Channel Be Inspired, a channel of all motivational videos, but I identify with that, life is hard! Work Hard and Never Quit.


#5: It’s Not Over Until You Win! Your Dream Is Possible – Les Brown

One of the most recognized motivational speaker in the world. Les Brown speech for 35 minutes. And this is all you need to see today for really be inspired and ignite the fire.

I hope you enjoy,

Luan Henrique

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