Interactr Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

Interactr Review

Well, welcome to Interactr review, I get a quick access through this and mate, if you are a video marketer, or do anything with videos, let me show you some important thoughts about it….

Literally, anyone can do it.

A huge problem that videos have is only one thing, if you’re not converting right now, not making people happy to watch, I can assure you, this is because of lack of the engagement.

People don’t care about your video, they care about if you can solve their problem, make they laugh, or even, literally engagement them. If you do not engage them, you lose a ton of things, first, no one goes click on your links, no one goes care about your video, and they go close without guilt because all the fault is yours.

Now, the fault is not you, maybe you don’t know about the engagement thing till now, but you’re learning here, and here’s where enter Interactr.

Interactr solves and is made plus designed to solve this HUGE problem. And make people interact plus engage with your videos, they have tested it out, and this improves not only conversions, but CTR, and make people don’t close till get in the end.

Of course have some details I didn’t like about it, and I will share with you later, plus a full thing that happens is: I help the product creator and developer, to fix some bugs that make me sad about it, making this more easy to you do it, and more easy for you use, here’s a sneak:

interactr review

Ok, forget about it haha, go talk about the videos itself, I do a video as I’m complete newbie to that, that me take a matter of minutes to do it, just for show you how this go improve the engagement through the videos, you don’t need to see the video until the end, just click the button for continue when appears (I just added a button with Interactr in this video for you have a little taste on how it works – So after you click to continue, you can close), here are:

I like this so much haha, is cool I’m doing this here, as I think that is not possible till now without this software….

And I guess can help so much the video marketers out there.

Now, it’s is easy to use? And what you can expect from it. Take little minutes to I learn everything inside, is not easy on the first try, but after less than 30 minutes you go take yourself doing the videos automatically, and don’t even think where I delete this element? Where I delete the other?

This type of thing that popups on our minds on the first try, also they have a detailed training on how you can do this, integrate an S3 account, etc.

You can add text for your videos, buttons, images, hotspot, etc. Everything you think is possible about it…then you can submit this clickable buttons to a URL or for another video that you choose like I do on  the video I created a little above.

interactr review

And all is very detailed, as I can edit the size, edit the colors, font, center or not, every piece to make a personal customized….and of course people will can interact with your videos, creating more engagement, and making they ready to take the next action, once they click on your first image or etc. They go all through your video liking what they do it…this is why is powerful.

Now something I didn’t like, it’s not a requirement but is good for you integrate an S3 Account (this is amazon service for storage things mean, upload your video there, and put into Interactr). For create that S3 Account is required a credit card, is very cheap almost free, but, you need to have a credit card to create your account and signup.

Now, you can upload in your own host like I do it, as I don’t have access to a credit card now, so I just upload on my FTP for my website, and put my link there, works incredibly well, that is the option as I don’t found other option on how to do it. I think in DROPBOX, but DROPBOX don’t work with the Interactr, so I need myself upload through my own host.

If you have a place to upload your videos or have a credit card, you’re good to go, this need to be an MP4 format.

This I really don’t like…

Despite this fact, the software is very cool to play with, I really engage myself doing the videos inside, and once you learn, you want to create one, two, three, four videos itself, also remember this go improve your engagement, CTR and converts much more (as this is tested and is proven to work). If you can pass the problem of uploading videos, you’re ready to go! & I assure this go help video marketers, ALOT, if you’re not converting, and not getting results, here is the deal.

interactr review





P.S. Forget to mention, this have an analytics thing too, that you can see the views, conversions, and unique views. Also after the video is done, is just you get the embed code and put in the place you want!

I’m offering a little bonus pack with it for people that get it through my website.

Here’s what to do for getting Interactr with my bonuses available below: Purchase that through this link, send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll answer you asap with the download link.


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interactr review

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