How To Rank Higher on Google in 2016

How To Rank Higher on Google in 2016

Every year Google changes the algorithms to make an experience for their users better. We can see yet they called “trash sites” who buy thousands of backlinks on cheaper sites and rank sites well.

But, have a problem, soon they get penalized again and again. So, if you have a site and want to rank your site a long term you need to know how Google works!

For 2016 the best thing you can do for rank your sites is: Put Quality Content OutThere, i am talking a thousands of quality content.

I have already entered in this tactic, every day i try to do a new post, one post with high quality content for you, so when you experience this best site with quality content, Google loves me as well.

So go talking about three important factors for Google in 2016

1 – Focus on Content and User Experience

How To Rank Higher on Google in 2016

Don’t think what you can do for ranking, just put quality content to your users, this can reduce your bounce rate very well too.

The old tactic of keyword research still works, with less competition in more search, it’s very easy to you rank your sites first, even if it’s new.

So, focus on giving a content who your users, visitors want, and give you the right things, quality, don’t copy and paste the others, Google can see this missed action.

If your content is unique and you write a long article, Google goes loves you, and be a pleasure rank you higher.

So, this is the first factor, just focus on giving value to your users, and then rankings have been just a part of the equation.

2 – Good Quality BackLinks

How To Rank Higher on Google in 2016

Quality BackLinks Still valid on 2016. But please, don’t buy backlinks from other persons, a shit blog comments how i see every time out there.

Try getting the other high quality sites to share your content, then you go have a high quality backlink connected to your website.

So what i recommend you try to do is, search other blogs contextual with yours, contact administrators, ask to do a “a guest posts“, then you go have one quality backlink to your site.

Remember, is better have ONE quality backlink, than thousands of trash backlinks. Quality over quantity.

3 – Make People Share Your Content In Social Media

how to rank higher on google in 2016

Social Media presence still important every year for Google, this can boost your traffic, sales, and SEO.

We can say have an indirect impact on your rankings, but, with more exposure, the more backlinks you can have, more traffic, and this means more rankings.

So, take care of your visitors, and make them share your content out there. You will be thankful to thousands of free traffic directly to your website.

HIGH PS: OnPage SEO still relevant these days, can have a high effect on rank changing too. Read more about OnPage SEO tutorial here. If you have a wordpress site, i highly recommend giving a try to a plugin called “Project Supremacy 2.0“, for seeing just click here.

To your success,

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