Chat Response Review & HUGE BONUS PACK

Chat Response Review

What’s up, my friends! Before I start the review itself, let’s take a look at Chat Response, the new market way to FaceBook and how this go help the business itself.

If you have a fan page on FaceBook with millions of targeted users or thinking in create one of those, I think this is must have, really. I’m a quite excited about this.

Here’s on the image below you’re seeing yes, the Sam Bakker dashboard (the product creator).

chat response review

Let me explain you a little bit about it, as you know FaceBook is coming one of the most used social media for marketing, business, and everything, one of the biggest problems when to monetizing to this, is because you need to pay Mark ZuckerBerg, every single time.

Yes, ad costs are increasing every single day, and if you’re wont making results, this means Mark are winning the competition, everywhere, and making a huge money that makes FaceBook a huge business on the market, and one of the most valuable business site itself.

Now, could Chat Response help you with the monetization? How can we expect that? Exactly! I don’t have a FaceBook FanPage to test it out, but if you have a FaceBook FanPage or do a lot of marketing on FaceBook, I can say this is for you…that’s some pieces that I don’t like about it, but I talk you later.

Chat Response allows you to make a subscribers list inside of your pages…like an Email Marketing thing, when people send the message for your page, ask something, or whatever, they already have subscribed and even don’t know. Then after you have the subscribers list, what you can do it, mass message all of them with one message.

Also you can send sequences and everything.

So I guess a FaceBook FanPage of 1,000,000 people if you broadcast a private message for all of them, how much goes be the open rate and CTR? I guess can be BIGGER right? When is the last day you see the message notification on your FaceBook and don’t check it out? I think NEVER….I don’t enter on FaceBook a lot, but when I enter, every time I check all my messages and notifications.

It’s even impossible you see the notification and not open.

And here’s what are a good deal of Chat Response, do one click and mass message all your FanPage on private, this means you can send links, deals, and I don’t know how much money you can make, but, you know this go works, you can preview that!

I don’t get inside of the software to test it out itself because I don’t have a FaceBook FanPage and not my focus make money with this now, but if you are on FaceBook, please check this demo out (yes, you go see this everywhere as is from the product creator 🙂

When Sam introduces me to this, I already thinking, wtf, I can’t let this pass without review it, and say some things about it, and here I am!

See how works? Damm, appears easy right?

I can’t give you an opinion of what looks like the inside of it, something I don’t like being honest here, is people need to subscribe to your “FB LIST”. It’s not subscribing, it sends you a message to be automatically added inside of the web app. So if no one sends you messages for your fan pages, this means you can’t mass message them. I guess if they put a little effort to get all the subscribers of your Fan Pages and add all automatically to your lists will be so much better…but it’s a product, and products have a lot of fails.

I guess if they put a little effort to get all the subscribers of your Fan Pages and add all automatically to your lists will be so much better…but it’s a product, and products have a lot of fails.

Now a quick solution that’s pop ups on my head right now, do a FaceBook post with description like “Message me with anything to win a quick surprise”. Then people can message you and you’ll be able to get the subscribers you need, to then start monetize, don’t try start monetize before do that, is almost impossible ok? And of course, then mass message them with a surprise, a free gift, video, whatever.

Despite this little problem with it, I like how it works…and I like the thing I no need pay ad costs, is HUGE, you need to be an experience FaceBook marketer for making your money back with ADS. If you tried that before, you know that! Also, Sam Bakker products are such as amazing (not every product but)…..when they introduce this to me I know it’s leap, and it’s helpful to my subscribers and visitors.

So here’s I am again, hope you get the deal and thanks for reading.

chat response review





I’m offering a little bonus pack with it for people that get it through my website.

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