2 Proven SOLO Ad Traffic Who Convert Good Subscribers and Sales

2 Proven SOLO Ad Traffic Who Convert Good Subscribers and Sales

It’s fact the most SOLO AD out there it’s a trash.

But, how we separate good traffic from the bad traffic?

I’ve put this quick video out, to show you two proven sites who delivery a good traffic who converts into quality subscribers and sales.

Watch now.

$576 In One Week With Launch Jacking

$576 In One Week With Launch Jacking

Hi, my mate… when comes to launch jacking you need do the right way.

So, for the first time ever i go share with you how i bring 480 visitors to my website, clicking on my affiliate links, and how i make $576 in one week with the strategy, without spend THOUSANDS of dollars, $500 in pure profits.

This is basic topic, i don’t go give you EVERYTHING, because this is not an ebook, when i have time i promise do for you.

The principle of launch jacking it’s promoting other peoples products, make a site BEFORE the launch, rank on the first page of Google and make peoples buy from your link when launch occurs, very easy to understand.

What you need?

1 – WebSite (Doesn’t need a domain like “productname.com” once you know how rank your sites to Google).
2 – Jvzoo, Clickbank Or Whatever Other Affiliate Program Account.

Go let’s started very basic, it’s not a deeper topic here. Search a launch jacking full tutorial to understand and use my tips, and your good to go.

First The WebSite

1 – Buy a domain and host at NameCheap.com
2 – Setup WordPress
3 – Setup a Good Looking Theme (Like AffiliatePro or Can use the default theme if want)

Second Choose The Right Offer

Big topic here, you need to choose the right offer to promote, other times you go WASTE your money.

So, go to the MunchEye – I.M. Product Launch Calendar
Search the names of BIG LAUNCHERS on forums is good to go too.

But when i go to the MunchEye i prefer to promote only BIG LAUNCHS instead of DEFAULTS.

I promote only the big launches, default launches don’t work well for me, just if i know the name of product launcher. Like Luke Maguire. I like his products.

See if the product is good, if it’s you, you purchase that? Or it’s a useless product? You don’t want peoples get a SHIT offers. I hate that.

Ok, after choosing the offer to promote.

Third Write a Good Review and Offer a Bonuses

Why people go buy from you? Offer a good bonus for them click on your link and buy from you, you don’t want people to hate you. Offer good bonuses, not useless things how people’s do out there.

Offer 3-9 bonuses, if it’s good, 3 will be good to they purchase from your link, people looking for a quality, don’t for a quantity.

You can see how i write and use my bonuses here: Project Supremacy 2.0 Review, Tour And Bonus | Pig Reviews

See, it’s useful bonuses who help people out.

I like to give consultation on Skype too, because i love helping people out.

Fourth Rank Your Site and Video To Keywords (MORE IMPORTANT)

Product Name Review
Product Name Bonus
Product Name

Like that

Use Youtube and WarriorForum for marketing your shit too, it’s good make a post on Warrior Classified ADS.

How you go rank your sites? Mate, i do a free report for you, what i use, how i use, to rank my sites and videos to that keywords and others very fast. It’s valuable thing.

I go give you for free, but for a limited time.

Click Here To Know How I Get Page 1 Rankings For FREE

Start the backlinking 3 weeks before the launch, to make sure you’ll be there when the launch occurs.

Fifth Waiting The Launch and Hack The Money

After everything, you just wait the launch and hack the money.

Very easy, simple and effective, this is what works for 2016.

Thanks for attention,
See yeaaa.

Luan Henrique.

Side note, get honorable mentions it’s good too.

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In IM

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In Internet Marketing

When peoples comes to internet marketing world, think it’s all good, all easy and it’s not.

But are reasons who make people succeed and fail! So see the top three main reasons why you go fail in internet marketing and just avoid it! And follow the instructions.

The first product you see, you buy, and all appears so easy and peoples are making a ton of money with the product, and you think you can do the same.

Yes, sometimes you can succeed at the first time, but the majority not!

And when this occurs, you appear like that:

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Go Fail In IM

I do everything right and this doesn’t works, fuck, the first thought pass in your mind is: give up, this don’t work.

Internet Marketing Works? Yes, works, you see the high pay days of members on the internet, and when you see $10k in a day don’t think it’s a lie, because can be really truthful.

But it’s not so easy to do equal, the persons who make these types of values are a time on internet marketing, don’t start where they at.

The big phrase i hear by Alex Jeffrey’s its: “start small, think big and scale fast“. This is what you should do.

So, the top reasons why people fail when comes to IM:

1. All go be easy and i go killer from the first product i bought:

Sometimes this can work, but in the majority? Not! The reality is you go need test things after things and discover by yourself what works or not.

You can pickup a good product out there and start doing a test by yourself, and then you go have the “ah-ha” moments when you see what works, and what it’s don’t.

Remember, start small, you cannot make 10K in one day from the first day, but, if you stick you can make this money.

2. Jump The Product After Product Searching The Magic Pill:

This is the most mistake i see, so many guys, test one product, don’t work on the first time, and boom, give up and go to the next.

This makes they buy product after product and it’s a feel unstoppable, they go buy thing after thing and not stick with one method proven to work.

It’s a huge error, and i do this as well, what i recommend you to do is buy a product proven to work, with the BIG product owners on the IM world and stick with.

Don’t give up if you don’t make money with the first time, you just lear, try again, try along the months, then you can see if works or not.

But don’t do the wrong way, try the product ONE TIME, don’t work and you jump to the next, no, buy one product and stick with along the months.

3. Have Only One Way To Do Things:

If you do something and don’t work, why you should do the same thing again? Try different things, your page doesn’t converts? Search on the internet, how make conversion better.

Why the page don’t converts? Search the errors, fix it and make the next time different, and this go be tested again, and again. Until you finally found what works and then the money will come easy.

So when haven’t worked with you, search the problems, why don’t works? It’s the product? It’s my page? It’s my ad? Why? Try fixing it and do different next time.

The definition of insanity is: Think you go get results different doing the same thing.

So remember that, avoid that errors and i have the certainty you go rock in the first months you do!

I have one resource for you right now, see this motivational video, and i see you soon.

To your success,


PS: Any doubt, comment below and i go be glad to help you.

Profitable Niches In 2016 (3 Bests)

Profitable Niches In 2016 (3 Bests)

Profitable Niches In 2016, good topic to we talk, no? Hello mate, i’m Luan, an affiliate marketing who works with niche of Make Money Online.

Talking in about Make Money Online this is one of the best profitable niches for you in 2016. This growing like a crazy.

profitable niches in 2016

But now, go talk about your question? What are the profitable niches in 2016? I have the certainty you already hear about: “Money are in sub niches”.

This is really truth, people make so many money online with called subniches, but go give you the content, what you want, the value free content.

The 3 most profitable niches in 2016 are:

  1. Health (This win every year..fuck! haha): Health is a big niche, and with obesity growing more and more, peoples are with so many problems with overweight, skin, whatever. You can make a BIG MONEY with this, is the most profitable market.
  2. Dating Advice: Every person in some part of your life already has problems with dating, this is normal. And all who wants help this persons are welcome. This it’s evergreen and don’t go be satured never.
  3. Make Money Online: Quit Your Job and make money with a laptop is a dream of every person in the internet marketing (this includes me to be real) This coming growing more and more, this can give you a big money for your work.

The Money are in the SubNiches

So many persons know that, and this is a little secret to boost your results now, the money are in the subniches, so you want to choose a niche, subniche and start the work.

Health Subniches:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Muscle Building
  3. Diet
  4. Nutrition
  5. Skin Care
  6. Hair Loss
  7. Teeth Whitening

Dating SubNiches:

  1. How to get a girlfriend
  2. How to get a boyfriend
  3. How to get your ex back (shit, peoples really look for that 😡 )
  4. Dating Advice
  5. Online Dating

Make Money Online SubNiches:

  1. How To Make Money Online
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Facebook Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Online Business

The next step? Choose your niche, subniche and start working on that, is so many products out there for you follow step by step to start your online business.

So see how reasonable with you and just start. Just take one step further. And take action.

Nothing occurs if you only read the articles and don’t take MASSIVE action, action without content is useless, content without action it’s the same.

The best products since 2016 to help you start or boost your online business.

That’s it!

To Your Success,


PS: Have doubts? Make your comment below, i’m glad to help you!

VOTD #1: How To Find Profitable Niche Markets

VOTD #1: How To Find Profitable Niche Markets

Welcome to Video Of The Day! Every Friday we go share with you one powerful video shared on the internet who can help you on the internet marketing world.

The video i choose today, for our first Video Of The Day Series it’s a video created by Lazy Stoner where he’s sharing the secrets on How To Find Profitable Niche Markets and KeyWords.

I see the video and it’s an easy to follow instructions, he gives you, who i think go be a grand help to you in your journey.

Choose the right niche on the internet marketing world can be a side of failure or success.

So, go let Lazy Stoner talk to you on how you can choose the right!

You see? Now it’s time to put into action and see the results.

To your Success,


6 Emotions That Make Customers Buy

6 Emotions That Make Customers Buy

Customers make purchasing decisions because they have carefully considered a set of good information, right?


Buying decisions are always the result of a change in the customer’s emotional state. While information may help change that emotional state, it’s the emotion that’s important, not the information.

6 Emotions That Make Customers Buy

All buying decisions stem from the interplay of the following six emotions:

1. Greed. “If I make a decision now, I will be rewarded.”
2. Fear. “If I don’t make a decision now, I’m toast.”
3. Altruism. “If I make a decision now, I will help others.”
4. Envy. “If I don’t make a decision now, my competition will win.”
5. Pride. “If I make a decision now, I will look smart.”
6. Shame. “If I don’t make a decision now, I will look stupid.”

Every successful sales approach either creates or augments one or more of these emotional states. When enough of these emotions are present inside the buyer’s emotional state, a buying decision becomes inevitable.

Understand Your Customer’s Beliefs

However, these changes in emotional state can only be accomplished when the sales approach takes into account the customer’s belief system.  It is this belief system that determines how each emotion play out.

For example, if a potential buyer sees IBM as her main competition, the “fear” and “envy” emotions will be vivid if the sales approach emphasizes competing with IBM.  (In the high-tech world, this is called “waving the blue flag of death.”)

By contrast, if the potential buyer is an executive at IBM, she might be more afraid (and also a tiny bit envious) of competition from an unidentified upstart firm with the potential to disrupt a cash cow product.

Similarly, a sales message that “this is a green product that saves the environment” might score high on the “altruism” scale of some crunchy-granola executive in Seattle, but fall dead flat when presented to a decision maker who is politically conservative.

In other words, if you’re going to create the emotions that drive decision-making, you need to know not just the audience’s current emotional state, but also the beliefs that they’re using to evaluate the emotional weight of anything that you might present to them.

And that means research.  The more thoroughly you research your audience, the more likely you’ll be to understand their current state and the better you’ll marshal emotions to change that state.

What You Need to Learn

It is only in this context that information finally comes into play.  The emotional change you’re seeking in your customer will probably result from the expression of new information and the reframing of old information.

Remember, though, that it is not the information itself that is important, but the emotional effect that the information has on your audience. This is an essential distinction.

For example, suppose you’re trying to sell an inventory control system to a high-tech firm. Your research indicates that

  • the company has been dinged by investors for having high inventories, and
  • its main competitor has just implemented a “just in time” inventory system.

That’s just information.  What’s really important is the emotional effect that those two facts will have when juxtaposed with one another–based upon the prospect’s likely belief system.

Similarly, let’s suppose your research also reveals that the prospect’s CIO was just replaced and the new CIO was promoted from the ranks. What’s important in this case is that the new CIO may lack confidence and is probably be risk-averse.

This handy bit of information helps you focus your sales approach to play upon the new CIO’s likely belief system (i.e., “If I screw up; I’ll look stupid and may lose my job”).

Hope you get the deal, other resources for you:

=> How To Write Great Sales Copy
=> How To Create a Killer Headline

To Your Success,