Affiliate Marketing – Start To Finish

Affiliate Marketing: everyone wants to know how to start, and well, I will walk you through and if you stay with me, you I’ll know today, how to get started, and how big this is, and how many you can profit with this right way.

This is not something new, affiliate marketing started a few years ago when companies start to give a little commission if you make a sale of them, and after that, the market just explode, and today, this is one of most profitable ways to making money online.

For we start,

Affiliate Marketing Definition

affiliate marketing

The definition: Affiliate Marketing is when you promote one product for the product creator, and once you make one sale, or people, purchase through your links, you win a commission, and this can be 50%, 100%, 75%, whatever. So, you and the product creator make the money together. Every sale you send to them, you profit a commission.

And this is why product creators having successful launches, can profit $500.000 in just one week, they get the most affiliates they can, the top affiliates, give prizes, and boom, all around the world are promoting their product, and they both making money online.

I hope you get the point.

Can I earn big with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make a lot of money, but don’t miss interpret, affiliate marketing appears so easy to do it, but it’s not, is not every affiliate that goes makes $50K to $100K per month, is very few affiliates, as they called Super Affiliates or Top Affiliates.

They have a huge email list, a huge authority and are product creators too, so all are making money, but that doesn’t mean you can bank big too.

Some people just quit their job doing affiliate marketing and doing their business on the internet, and this almost growing and growing.

How Can You Start At It?

Okay, the first thing you can do is find a niche. Niche means what products you go promote? Is health products? Internet Marketing Products? Fitness Products? What did you want to promote?

After you choose that, you need to know what affiliate program you will join, the best affiliate programs are:


JVZOO.Com – JVZOO is one of the best affiliate programs out there, but is more focused on internet marketing, so all internet marketers use them and WarriorPlus, I think the best is JVZOO. Is very cool, easy to use and anyone can register an account and start to promote.

How to register at JVZOO? Just enter on their site here, click signup.

affiliate marketing

Fill out the details.

fill the details

Submit register and you are done. – ClicBank is more focused on dating, health, and other niches, so if you hate internet marketing, you can go to the Clickbank, which is an awesome affiliate program too, and starting to promote right way.

How to register a click bank account? Just enter on their site, click “create an account”.


Fill the details.

affiliate marketing

And submit register.

How To Find Products To Promote

Okay, after you register your account, you need find products to promote.

For JVZOO & WarriorPLUS

Okay, for internet marketing products, and if you are focused on WarriorPlus or JVZOO the best place is – This is a place that every product creators in this niche, post their launches and you can jump in to promote a cool new product.

Have a ton of new products every day in the internet marketing niche, and you can see some Clickbank products there too.

affiliate program

How to request for promoting these products on JVZOO?

Just enter in your JVZOO account. Find the affiliate link for the product. For do that, just go to MunchEye, click in some launch, then you go have a link for a page that is called “Affiliate JV Page”, and on that page, you go have all the details and information of the product.

And you go see something along that lines: “Request your affiliate link”, you click on that, and you will be redirected to a page like this:

aff marketing

You just request permission for they to you promote their product, on this part here, you let them know how you go promote their product, if by affiliate marketing, facebook marketing, website, videos, whatever. And then request affiliate approval.

If you go be approved, you go be on a page like this where you can get your links to start to promote the product, and every person that purchase through your link, you receive the commission, in the example of image above, 50% Commission.


Then you just grab your link and start to promote this link on your FaceBook, WebSite or Videos.

affiliate marketing

Then every sale you make, you go receive your commission, JVZOO, in particular, you receive at PayPal or Stripe.

For ClickBank

For ClickBank the step is a little different, and how I don’t use that, I go let you watch this video below, that well explained, and you’ll know everything on how to find products to promote at ClickBank.

Okay, and about choose new launches for ClickBank? You can use the JVNEWSWATCH to find new ClickBank Products that’s going live. Is something like MunchEye, so very easy to use.

jvnews watch

Okay, now you know everything about how to promote and get your affiliate link, right? 🙂 So the next and final step is how to promote.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Promote The Products

Okay, now, how I promote my affiliate links and make money online?

#1 Do a WebSite

You can do a website like me here, and start doing product reviews, giving the persons how the product works, if is cool or not, giving some bonuses as well like I do, and getting your commission. Do a website can make build your list wich is really awesome and the most profitable way to do it.

#2 Start Building Your List

Persons that have a huge commission every single day, have an email list, you should build one, you can start to build your list with your website, just putting a form, or you can start following my tutorial here about five steps to start building an email list.

#3 Youtube Videos

Awesome if you want to start doing money for free, start doing a Youtube Videos reviewing the product, and let you opinion influence people, having your affiliate link on the description of the video, them they go to the site through your link and you make the commission.

#4 PPC & Paid Advertisement

Pay per click, facebook ads can work for you, but don’t start with that, this is very difficult to mastery, and you can lose a lot of money with doing, I don’t recommend, start with easiest ways to make a commission.

Affiliate Marketing Final Thoughts and Tips

Okay, my final thoughts and tips for you, start choosing a niche and stay with this….so if you go promote internet marketing products, stay with that over and over again, along the months, don’t give up, this appears easy but it’s not.

BONUS TIP: Giving away bonuses for your audience, so if they purchase through your link, they go receive bonuses from you, this make an incentive for they take action.

Affiliate Marketing is something very cool and you go see when you starting to make money, the secret for make this work is taking action and stay persistent.

You can register for my email list here, and receive for free my step by step on how to start making money online right now, the $100 a day on autopilot.

Thank you, and PLEASE! If you like, share.

Luan Henrique.

Writing Copy That Sells

A huge topic most people have interest is writing copy that sells, and this can be a sales copy, ad copy, email copy, or just a blog post copy for your website. But today you’ll discover the best practices and an actionable step by step on how you can do that starting right now.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Writing Copy That Sells – The Actionable Steps

First, no one starting writing a good sales copy, if you see the best copywriters in the world, like Gary Halbert, Kevin Rogers, and much more, they start where you are…they not born that way, and they don’t have a special skill you don’t have.

Is all about more writing, more good copywriter you will become, my first tip for you before we start the step by step itself is: write every single day. Can be a blog post, can be a sales copy, can be copy a sales copy from Gary Halbert Letter. Whatever, just start writing every single day.

Now you think “Okay Luan, I need a good copy who converts and I need do all that today, where are the shortcuts?”. Stay here, I go show you everything, let’s go!


The Code Phoenix Formula

Ok, I learned this on Secret Society Mastermind by Timothy Marc…and this formula I use every single day on my business, for do reviews, for write a sales copy, ad copy, email copy, whatever.

So, here’s the actionable steps for that.

This follows the same principle of AIDA Formula, what I means by AIDA is attention, interest, desire and action.

Let’s put this formula in practice right now.

1 – Attention

Okay, first thing you need, is get people attention, this is your HEADLINE. So if I put one shocking headline like: The Gurus are Liying on your face.

I get your attention, not good example, but you get the deal. For internet marketing product for example,

A Free Video Shows You How To Make 6 Figure/Month On Complete AutoPilot

This is your first step get the people attention.

Make something intrigue, curious, what they want read more…You’re wasting your money if don’t see this tips….is another example.

2 – Problem Definition

You need define a problem of your audience, so if I’m doing a SEO product right now and go write a sales copy for that, I need define the problem. Like….

“Okay, you know, the  biggest problem with SEO is the old way to do don’t work more, spam backlinks, massive keywords, this hurt your rankings and make your site appears a complete confusion into Google’s eyes”.

Good, you get the deal? Makes sense? I hope.

3 – Amazing Solution

Okay, now, after you define the problem, you need presenting your AMAZING SOLUTION…like a magic pill. Is like this:

“If I told you, have one thing on the world Google really cares and go skyrocket your rankings in just minutes…good, no? Presenting you…THE AMAZING SEO PRODUCT” And I go say all the features, what do, and everything.

4 – Proof & Credibility

People are worried if you are a lier or not. So show you the proof and credibility, you can do that through testimonials, videos, pictures of actually results of your product give for the customers, and please never lie, or do a fake review, if you do that, is better don’t have a pictures or testimonials.

5 – Call To Action

The easiest part is the call to action, here you say to they buy, signup for your list, click on your ad, whatever is your goal.

Click Here To Buy Now

Click Here To Signup

Click Here To Your Gift

That’s it!

Final Things You Need To Know About Write a Copy

Now, all you need to do is put that in action…, write every single day, follow the step by step I giving you here. And is that easy. Just follow this every time you do a copy, and you will become better. Don’t worries about that.

If I let any piece out…or you don’t understand what I mean on particular topic…just let me know commenting below and I will answer you right way.

Thanks for everything and I see you later.

Luan Henrique.

Writing AD Copy That Convert

Luan Henrique here, with the crazy hair and “hated” brazilian accent to shows you how to write AD Copy that convert. If you are doing PPC, or FaceBook ads, you want to know how convert more, and make a effective ROI in ADS.

Because if you don’t getting return of investment, you’re wasting your money.

First, you don’t go rock from the first day, do one ADS and convert a tons of visitors into buyers.

It’s all about the tests, you do one AD, do another, and see what are converting for you…remember this forever: It’s all about the tests.

Now, how to write a effective AD Copy.

ad copy








First thing, start always with little budget to run tests, and then improve the budget with the results you are getting.

#1 Write a Good Copy

This is the first thing, you must have a good ad copy. This means good headline and effective description. How to do that?

Use words like “You” “Must” “This”. This always convert more visitors.

Like, You Must See This New Software

or Must Have This

or Click Here For See This Plugin

Something like that, must be your headline.

Now for the description, make short and effective, and make sure get the expectations of people who click through your link. Like, if you do a review of something, put this on your description.

The must see review about this new software launched, click here.

Or if you go selling something,

Click Here For 89% Off on this.

Get the expectations of the people who  clicks on your links…if you redirect for a landing page to build a list, they need to know is that they go have if click on your links, make sense right?

#2 Appealing Image 

You must have a good, awesome image, people see the image first, then see your description and headline, so, make a appealing image. Like with crazy colors “Red” “Yellow” “Green”. This colors is appealing for the people.

And image need fit the expecations, and appears awesome. A good sample,

ad copy

Now, how to put this actually in action.

1 – Start with a low budget to run tests.

2 – Make sure have a good headline and description in place.

3 – Have appealing image.

That’s it, follow this, make the tests with different ads. See what’s converting more, and improve the budget for that ads that converts more.

Enjoy mates!

What Is Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

On the video of today we have “What Is Affiliate Marketing?”. You can make a huge money with it? Can finally quit your day job? You I’ll know everything on the video below,

“…Have ton of people asking me, what is affiliate marketing? How I can make money with it? How you can work from your home? Can I quit my job? The awnser is yes, you can make a huge money with affiliate marketing…So what is affiliate marketing for we start? So, I’m logged in on my account, here I can sell my products or I can promote other peoples products, so, when I promote other peoples products, affiliate marketing is promote other people products…”


Watch it 😉

What Is Affiliate Marketing Video

Direct Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Direct Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Welcome…are you ready to seeing some of best direct marketing tactics for you be able, to sell more, and making more money on your business? I hope you are. I’m ready to give ou the best tips of direct marketing and how you can sell much more with this little tips who increases you conversions.

First, what is direct marketing? Direct Marketing is a cold approach for selling something. The sales person who peoples just hates, you can change that and converts much, much more.

Is that what I hope you to get = more sales.

direct marketing

#1 Direct Marketing Tip

You are there to sell solutions. You need sell solution to a problem. That’s IT! You not there to sell something, you not there to make people buy from you. You there to give people a solution to their problems. Like, If I need weight loss, you are there to give me a solution for can I lose weight.

What is better?

  1. Mate buy this, it’s incredible bla bla bla.
  2.  So, this product, just accelerates metabolism, and then helps burn the fat.

People want results. They don’t care about your product, they care about what results this product can give.

And it’s that you should focus.

#2 Direct Marketing Tip

Use emotions, don’t the brain. Everyone when go do a sales pitch use the brain, and forget about emotions give to people. You must give logical reasons, and emotional reasons. People is way too logical, talk about numbers, this and that. It’s not what they cares. Buying something is based on emotions. So, you can use this product, and go change your life for much better, you can burn you fat, be more healthier.

Hope this makes sense.

#3 Direct Marketing Tip

Be the unforgettable. If you sell some product, and this product don’t work, this is very very bad. Product need get the expectations of people or they don’t go back for more. Be unforgettable. Sell something who really delivery their results and make their lifes better.

Then they buy from you, over, and over again.

For we finish, see this Direct Marketing Tips with the most respected copywriter in the world.

Gary Halbert.

I hope this helps you!


Luan Henrique.